If I Die Young

If I Die Young

I have never used the Ouija Board before last year. Had you asked me to years ago, you would have gotten a world of no way.

But now a part of me was a little hesitant on using it due to the excess exposure I gave myself for watching paranormal shows and reading up on others’ personal involvement in the matter and how it more often than not went awry.

But then another part of me was just dying to try it out, because what if it really was just a piece of cardboard? 

I wanted to know for myself but wouldn’t dare buy one.

Plus, I didn’t know anybody who I could trust 100% not to fake it just to say that something happened unless it was my sister – and I sure as hell was not going to do it by myself! You know... just in case. 

My sister, Megan, and I used to be pretty close and I got along with her friends really well, too. And sometimes we would all have sleepovers at said friend’s house.

This one girl, Abby, is this really awesome person; very eccentric and always a hoot to be around suggesting fun things for us to do. 

While we were all sitting around one day, Abby told me how she was thinking of getting a Ouija Board because she experienced some crazy things when she played with it with some of her friends and wanted one of her own.

My sister and I shared a look, and decided why not? 

She’s never used one before, either, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to try it out with. 

So, we went to Target and bought a board.

The only one they had was this campy-looking glow-in-the-dark one, but we figured a glow-in-the-dark Ouija Board was as good a board as any. 

We wanted to go all out with this so we were going to wait until dark, light some candles, put a bowl of water on the side, and said a Wiccan prayer for good measure.

I would know if something went wrong long before they would, so I felt better about being there than if they had done this with just each other. 

I was nervous and excited, wondering what kind of experience it would turn out to be and if it was actually for real or not.

Tons of shows popped in my mind, even though I knew that most were just exaggerated renditions. But hey, I felt prepared; therefore I felt better. 

Darkness rolled around and we got prepped. Megan and I were amped up and ready to Ouija.

I told them not to be discouraged if nothing happened right away, regardless of how long the instructions said we should wait (there were actually instructions inside this thing… go figure, haha). 

So, we got started. “Is anybody here who wishes to communicate with us?” Abby asks, all of our hands on the planchette – I made sure mine were on very lightly, so I could make sure the device wasn’t being influenced by either of their hands even though I trusted them; it was just the analytical side of me being hardcore precise. Can’t be helped, my lovelies. 

We didn’t get a response for another few minutes and then it started to move! “Are you doing this?” I asked them.

“Nope...” So, we asked more questions and got inconsequential, simple answers. Although I was intrigued and very pleased, I was still skeptical.

Had a hunch that maybe subconsciously we were moving it around ourselves, but something began to stir in the air that told me otherwise. 

Abby left to go to the bathroom so it was just Megan and me. We were still talking to a spirit, so I asked, “What do you see right now?” As it moved, I made the pressure on my end lighter, and felt weight on Megan’s side.

I looked up to her face as it slowly slid down the board and noted her look of shock. “Are you doing this?” I laughed. “No!” She said firmly. And the answer that was spelled out: Y.U.M. 

Whoever it was, they thought we were yummy. If memory serves, I think it was some fifty-something year old guy, too. Geez Louise, sir xD 

Well, after that we had several more sessions with the Ouija. We kept asking for signs and there would be an occasional tap on the wall or something, but nothing that stood out except this one night when Abby had her laptop on the bed while we sat on the floor.

The laptop was CLOSED, mind you. And she has no mouse attached to it and the thing was well enough away for any of us to get to it without needing to stand up and walk over. 

While we were trying to communicate, I demanded that the spirit in here give us a sign to announce itself. A beat later and this song booms from the closed laptop, “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry.

We all went wide eyed, our heads snapped in that direction, then we smiled looking at each other because we all had the same thought circulating in our heads: someone’s phone is ringing… anybody gonna get that? 

I knew it wasn’t mine; back then I had flip phone swag and my ancient device couldn’t handle a ringtone sound THAT clear, so I was sure it was one of theirs until I looked on the bed to the flashing light that we thought was the phone and realized it was the laptop. 

Of ALL songs to play, it HAD to be that one xD that song will definitely never be the same. 

They became very intrigued with the board after that, but after a while I began to suspect that our hype and excitement might have over influenced the results for when we played, so I backed out.

And Megan would often go to Abby’s and not invite me, or I would find out too late to invite myself, but they continued to play. 

I only started to get concerned when I noticed that the activity in our house increased for a while, particularly in Megan’s room.

In fact, one night when she was out at Abby’s, I heard loud stomping/running from her room all the way to mine and the steps stopped right at my door, as if it thought this was where she was all along. 

I knew it was looking for her, so I told it that she wasn’t home. They stalked off and the footsteps faded off.

As far as I know, the girls don’t mess with the board as much anymore, but from what they told me, they only got more activity with it when I was around.

I thought that was odd given how Megan has been the one having things follow her home, but it’s whatevs. 

I still don’t know what to make of the thing. I might give it a try again someday, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Story Credit: Zekat


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