There is something that bothers me. As many people, I feel a presence near me. But for me it's different. I always feel it in the very same place of my room, which is at my room's doorway. Every night I can feel something's staring at me. When I was younger I told my mom about it, because even though I shared my room with my big brother, I often was frozen with fear because of that “thing”.

She told me it might be my father watching over me. He passed away 3 months before I was born. But I don't think it's him – I wouldn't be so petrified.

When I turned 17, I've started to have nightmares, in which a shadow from the doorway would pin me against my bed and stare at me until I screamed for help. It always stood in the same place, until one terrible night.

My brother was out for a night, so I slept alone in the room. I fell asleep without any problem, but then the nightmares came.

When I opened my eyes I could see, that the room in my dream looks just like in real life. Every single detail was perfectly mapped. Then the shadow appeared. For the first time it wasn't at the doorway. After it pinned me against the bed with my own fear, it moved behind my head, on my brother's empty bed.

“Who are you?”, I wheezed, trying to move. “Look at me.”, it said. It sounded angry, kind of desperate. A thought rushed through my mind, that if I looked at it, I could finally learn what is it.

“Look at me”, it repeated furiously. I was almost able to turn my head around but then it started to laugh silently.

I stopped moving. Something inside me was screaming, telling me not to look at it. I started to try to call my mother. Suddenly it disappeared and I woke up. I felt its presence again, as if it was mocking me.

Since that day it's been more... material. When I'm alone at night I can hear footsteps in my mother's bedroom. While taking a shower I often hear something moving from her room to mine, and back.

Does anybody have an idea what might it be? I'm getting really scared and I'd be grateful if someone could help me.



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