Jed's Moment

My story begin when my son and I moved into a house in San Luis Obispo. We were aware of some of the spirits that remained even to the point of one scaring one of our burly roommates one nite telling him to "GET OUT".

It scared him so much me moved out right then. My sister and I are both sensitive and knew there were many spirits living with us in this 1890's farm house.

After my sister moved to Europe, I took over the rental the only ones in the house now are my son and I. I did not feel the negativity my sister felt nor did my five year old son. He was spooked right from the get go his closet door would creek open which also gave access to the attic.

My room was across the hall from my son's and one night he needed to go to my room and saw two gentleman playing checkers on a barrel he asked if they could move as he needed to go to his mom's room and they did picked up the checker board and all scooted the barrel to one side let Jed pass.

When Jed turned around to thank the guys, they were gone. Another night Jed was getting juice from the fridge and saw a man with a lighted helmet climb into the oven??? I guess a miner since Jed said it was a candle. We hired a medium to come but she refused to come in.

Said the energy source was coming from below the firebox ??? The only spirit I've ever associated with the house and that I have truly seen is that of my great grandfather Wagley.

That's all I know. Any suggestions?


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