Johnny the Ghost

My family and I lived in a property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town in Bargoed in the South Wales valleys during the 1970's. We experienced things that simply defied rational explanation. We heard footsteps in the main bedroom when we would all be down stairs watching TV.

There was also one or two sightings though this was very rare indeed! We also had some minor poltergeist activity. A family friend did not believe us when she was told it was haunted, but she soon did when she heard it for herself, she suggested a local medium.

When he arrived, he challenged the spirit to perform by knocking on the ceiling, and sure enough it knocked back at him! At some point he went into a trance to try and make contact, he failed to get a name but he later confirmed that it was an earthbound spirit.

A priest was also called to Gladstone villa, he said some prayers and then he blessed the property. It was quiet for a few months after that, but it did return!

We left Gladstone villa in June 1978 when two local businessmen bought the property, and it was eventually converted in to a hotel, it's name was changed to ''Redz parc hotel'' I had my 40th there for old times sake, and they told me of their own experiences and said there were sightings in room 5.

I challenge any skeptic to spend the night there, they will most certainly question their beliefs.

Story Credit: Andrew Dexter. Bargoed, South Wales, UK.


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