Just a Visitor

Just a Visitor

For anyone who's read my encounters, you've heard me mention my friend Kat. Kat is a sensitive to people's aura's, and to the presence of other worldly entities.

And I had been long told of experiences she and her younger sister have had in their home. It's the only home they've ever lived in, so naturally it's saturated with energy. 

I had spent the night at Kat's house before, and always slept in her room and only had one experience. While lying on the blow up mattress on the floor, with her out cold, I woke up out of no where.

For no reason. I didn't have to use the rest room, there had been no noise, and there still wasn't any noise. I have no idea why I woke up, but I had. Trying to go back to sleep, this horrible smell began to waft around the room.

The only thing I can liken it to, is a skunk. But I'm told skunks don't live in Florida. So I don't know. It lasted for awhile, and then once I got up and did use the bathroom, came back and laid down, it stopped. I was able to go back to sleep. 

This particular night however, Megan wasn't home and since Kat hadn't been able to alert her parents to my being there, they hadn't put out the blow up mattress.

Rather than wake her parents with the noise of the pump, I suggested I sleep in Megan's room. Now Megan isn't as sensitive to presences as Kat is, but she has had her fair share of run in's.

The last one I was told about before I slept over was the sound of what they described as medical gloves being snapped, and the strong smell of rubbing alcohol.

Needless to say this did little to bolster my confidence in actually sleeping in there. But her parents have been really nice to me, almost adopting me as one of their own children, so I didn't want to be horrible by waking them up at 2am. 

So I fluffed up Megan's pillows, straightened up her sheets, moved ALL the objects off her bed (typical 17 yr old)and after turning the lights out laid there for a minute.

It was all silent. Deathly silent. I don't know why, but I felt the need to whisper out into the dark, "Hi, you don't know me, but I'm just a visitor here.

I'm not megan, so please don't be mean to me. I just want to sleep until daylight and then you can have your space back I promise." 

With that I rolled over and snuggled under the comforter. I drifted off to sleep, but apparently not for long. I'm not sure how long I'd been asleep but I woke up to what sounded like dress shoes, standing in the middle of the room, just turning in a circle as if surveying the room looking for something.

I didn't dare open my eyes or move. I barely breathed until it stopped. I felt, not so much scared as uncomfortable, because I knew about these spirits and I felt as though I was invading their space. Only with being in Megan's room. 

Once it stopped I ventured to shift my legs a little to face the wall, and drifted back to sleep. Somewhere between sleep and awake, I was laying on my back, and distinctly felt a touch on my upper arm, as if someone was holding me there.

Not against the mattress or against my will or anything. But just resting their hand on my upper arm. I didn't feel any light coming through the blinds so I knew it couldn't be morning yet.

So I opened my eyes to nothing, and the touching sensation was gone. I'm not sure if the sound I made was considered human or not, it could be akin to a childish whine of frustration, and snuggling back under the comforter, all the way, head and everything, tried to go back to sleep. 

Later, I opened my eyes on impulse and saw light shining through the blinds. I'd made it through the night, not really any worse for wear but definitely more of a believer in the presence of spirits in Kat's house if I had had any doubt before.

I greeted her mother in the morning who came in the room looking for Megan's laundry. She apologized if she had woken me up and I informed her I'd been awake for quite awhile. 

I told Kat about my experiences and she nodded. She didn't seem to shocked or surprised, not that I expected her to be honestly.

Then I left a note in Megan's room on her bed telling her what had happened, and that I could sympathize with her now about being visited by such a wide variety of spirits. 

As odd as it sounds, I look forward to going back and sleeping in Megan's room again to see if anything happens to me. I'm not afraid as I once was, of their house anyways.

My house is another story. I don't know what spirit tried to scare the bejesus out of my niece, but I don't appreciate them. If they want to get MY attention that's one thing, but leave my niece alone.

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