Just Thinking

Just Thinking

Through 30 years of investigating the paranormal, I've learned the one thing to be a fact is that we live in two worlds on this great globe we call home. The seen and the unseen.

The seen world is one that we all share throughout our everyday lives, it consists of everything right in front of our eyes. What most would simply call reality.

The unseen though is the other world I've come to learn that we do in fact live in too. It's the world one must choose to seek out quick glimpses into a reality that coexists with our very own. 

In the unseen world resides loved ones long lost to our eyes as well as mystical beings that we are taught through the ages are simply myths created by nightmares and over active imaginations.

Some people are born with the abilities to sense or see these things, but for most of us seeing them are a very rare opportunity.

Modern technology however is increasingly providing new techniques to help capture glimpses and communicate with the world unseen.

Building in essence a bridge between the world both seen and unseen. One has to wonder though, is the world really ready to accept the merging of these realities?

And if so, are we ready for what comes next? Whatever that may in fact be. Can you imagine a world were we actually see the Angels and biblical figures? 

Or how about a world where we see demons? 

Shadow Entity

Cemetery Spirits
The Bonham House Demon

Will this new world strengthen our religious beliefs or leave us living in fear of our own mortality? We would certainly have to rethink on just how much attention we have paid to the ten commandments at the very least one would think. 

How would we handle even seeing ghosts on an every day basis? And what would opening up this new reality unleash? Perhaps there is a reason for keeping half the reality unseen?

Maybe it is safer in this world that we see. One thing is for sure, it will be interesting to find out what the future brings. don't you think?

Story Credit: Steven K. TX.

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