Justin Avenue: Where it all Began for Me

Justin Avenue: Where it all Began for Me

t's funny how a simple period of time can leave a lasting effect that will forever hold it's part in the path of our lives. For me that period of time happened when I was just a boy.

I was getting ready to start the third grade when my parents bought a fixer upper on Justin Avenue in Irving Texas. It was a cool old house that needed many repairs so dad got it for one hell of a price.

After about 6 months of work we were moving in. I loved the design of it, it was built into a hill so from the front it appeared a one story be from the back you saw it in fact was two.

Upstairs was the living quarters. 3 bedrooms two baths living and dining. Down stairs was a family room complete with a full size bar, a wine cellar and a two car garage.

My favorite spot to play was in the wine cellar. Its brick walls and concrete floors provided me with a nice cool private place to play with my hot wheels on those hot Texas summer days.

I always felt really safe in there with no one to bother me. 

The neighborhood we lived in was an interesting place. our street was located in a typical subdivision really, We were about five streets in and located in the back left corner of the neighborhood.

What was unusual though was that on our street three of the houses were now being used as massage parlors.

Of course I was so young at the time that I really didn't have any idea of what those were, but I knew enough to remember mom getting really pissed when we kids were walking home from school and the ladies that worked at them were sunbathing topless in the front yards.

Well I guess we had been living in the house for about 6 or 7 months when suddenly we started getting woke up every night by some one ringing the door bell.

We would go to answer the door and no one would be there.

My first thought was my friends were playing pranks no biggie.

Mom on the other hand was not so understanding and ready to whoop some ass! You see my father traveled with his work so most days and nights it was just her and us kids.

Things like that freaked her out a bit when dad wasn't at home. Night after night this would go on, you would just get to sleep then Ding Dong!; answer the door and nothing.

Well mom began calling dad nightly upset about this. Finally a couple of months later he came home. That night sure enough Ding Dong! dad was up, answered the door and not a soul.

Well now he decided enough was enough and he was going to put an end to this stuff. 

Then next night we had gotten ready for bed so I went to tell mom and dad goodnight. Mom was in bed as usual but dad wasn't?

I found him sitting in a chair next to the front door just waiting. I remember thinking to myself i sure didn't want to be the one ringing that bell tonight, he looked pissed!

I went on to bed and sure enough Ding Dong!, i could here dad yell your ass in mine now! and flinging the door open! but then all i heard was silence and the door gently close.

Well that next morning it was eating me alive i had to know what happened? Dad just looked at me puzzled when i asked and said nothing, there was no one there.

I was like ok so what's wrong? He looked at me and asked have you seen a doorbell button anywhere outside of this house? I was like huh? thought about it and answered no.

why i asked? Dad said there is no button by that door. So we both headed outside and began searching the outside of the house. Nothing, we couldn't find a doorbell button anywhere.

Next he said it must be an old one in here malfunctioning. Next thing I know he is going in the attic, through every closet, cabinets, the garage, anywhere he can think to look? But there was nothing. No doorbell, no button; nothing. 

That night sure enough Ding Dong! and people I tell you mom went to freaking like a cat on a hot tin roof! It was the first time I had heard the word ghost used beside when watching Casper.

I honestly had no idea at the time there were really such things as ghost. It intrigued me though and I just wanted to learn more. well the doorbell continued night after night.

After a couple of more months mom had all she could take, sold the house and moved us 70 miles away to the lake. It didn't matter though, I was hooked and to this day I hunt and learn more. 

Well a few years before mom passed, she received a call from the Irving police. They began questioning her about the old house. Apparently it had been bought and sold several times now.

The new owners had decided to tear the place down and rebuild. When they were bulldozing they found the skeleton of a woman walled up in the wine cellar. 

They believe she was a woman that had gone missing a few years before mom and dad bought the house. She disappeared one night walking home after she had left work from one of the local massage parlors. 

Its funny how periods of time shape the paths of our lives forever.

Sweet dreams, Steve

Story credit: Steven K. TX


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