Later Rather than Sooner

Later Rather than Sooner

Sadly, I have not seen or heard anything paranormal myself. This is probably more or less because I'm still quite young and an enormous scaredy-cat. But luckily, I've heard plenty of stories from friends and family members that I trust.

Many of them revolve around a local auditorium my father manages that's been around for ages. Both he and my grandmother have worked there and told me stories of strange goings on.

My grandmother's story was one of the first I'd heard about the theater.

She told me how once as she was locking up, all alone she heard running footsteps which she followed to a ladies bathroom in time to hear a toilet flush on it's own but see absolutely nobody there.

My father on the other hand told me that once as he oversaw a rehearsal from the balcony, he saw a semi-transparent man watching as well. I myself have swallowed my fear and investigated the place, but sadly I found nothing.

Here's to hoping I'll have a few more opportunities to see something with my own eyes.

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