Little Boy Apparition

Little Boy Apparition

It's been a while since I've last written one of my ghostly encounters.

One night I was in my computer room messing with the computer, and my son and his friend came into my room to show me something. I looked up to see what they wanted me to see.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this little boy peek around to corner as if he was interested in what my son was showing me. When I mentioned what I saw, it disappeared.

For some reason, when I am on the computer, things start happening to me. I would feel what seems like someone coming at me, but no one was there. It would creep me out big time.

Weird things started happening to me in this house! My sister and I went grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon, and I rushed inside so I could let my puppy outside to do his business.

I took him out the backdoor like always, when he was finished, we went inside, or at least tried to go inside. Somehow the door locked. Being that this was a newly built home, the lock was hard to turn to lock and unlock.

I had to go around the house to get in and I asked my sister if she locked the door on me. She hadn't come inside yet. Being that I watch a lot of Ghost hunting shows, I tried to debunk it.

So I would mess with the lock to see if maybe I didn't unlock it all the way. the only the way the doorknob would unlock is when the mechanism was completely facing upwards. I am not sure how that door locked on me.

One day, I jumped into the shower, and all of a sudden I saw this kid "trot" past my shower door heading towards the closet. I stood in the shower staring at the glass door waiting for this kid to pass back by.

No one came back. I knew it wasn't one of my children because they are tall and much taller than the kid who ran past my shower door. It really freaked me out. Then about 4 weeks later, I had moved my computer out of the 4th bedroom and put it in the front room of the house.

I was up late, chatting with a friend of mine. Something caught my eye, I looked up at the window (which had no curtain on it) and I saw the reflection in the window, this very same little boy run behind me towards my bedroom.

It disappeared when I called out Dakota's name. This is the same boy I saw come running out of my room when I lived in Naples, Florida in the condo. Another time, while I was taking a shower, I saw this kid run from my closet towards my bedroom.

This was the last time I saw this boy. It's odd though, when my mom unexpectedly passed away, I never saw this boy again.

I strongly believe this was my brother, and now that mom my passed away, he is with her now. But this hasn't stopped my ghostly encounters.. I had some friends over and we were doing this ghost hunt, I asked for a request.

"If you are Donald (my brother), please knock down some of my books off the book shelf." Well nothing happened that night, or even the next night. Come Monday morning, I went to wake up my sons whose rooms are on the opposite side of the house from my bedroom.

I went past this bookshelf like always, nothing out of the ordinary. When I came back through the living room to head towards my room, I noticed some of my books were on the floor. Three came from the shelf next to the bottom shelf and one from the third shelf that looked like it was dropped from the shelf.

Now mind you, I just passed that shelf when I went to wake up my sons. and coming back through, the books were on the floor.

Over the years, still no full bodied apparition, but we have encountered some other stuff such as black shadows, and something that made the hair stick straight up on the back of my dogs neck...and he was growling like I've never heard him growl before.

I will have to put those down at a different time.


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