Little Ghost Girl

It's Kathy once again. OK, so this happened in the summer of 2008. During that summer in particular me, my mom Sandra, my sister Katie, and my friend Meli, were doing research on contacting ghosts.

We would invite Meli to spend the night for 3 days in a row at times because she liked paranormal stuff too. We all went to the library and my mom got this book on reading auras. In the book they had how to make dousing rods and pendulums.

We made dousing rods and they worked. We would ask yes or no questions at night time because I heard that that’s when there’s a lot of active ghosts. 

We said out loud that if a ghost wanted to say yes then to make the rods cross and for no, to make them not cross.

And we tested it out by asking simple questions like what color our hair and eyes are and what our genders are, and whoever the ghost was that was answering got each question 100% correct.

We were also careful to not tilt or move our hands because sometimes people might do that on accident and think that it’s a ghost when it’s their hands tilting.

We also made pendulums out of crystal that we had dug up from this place called Emerald Mountain where you can go and dig for crystals and gems.

If it swung clockwise it was yes and if it swung counter clockwise then it was no…doing all this ghost stuff was fun. But as the days past more stuff started happening to me in my room.

I would feel someone just poking my sides, or just standing over my bed, while I was wide awake. So I was too scared to sleep in there. 

I moved my bed into my brother’s room and my mom slept in there with us. she had the light on because she was reading a book, and again someone was poking me and that made me scared because I was 14 at that time and I started crying saying something keeps poking me.

So I ended up sleeping with my sister in her room instead. her bed was kind of small and we were to close so I ended up sleeping with my head at the end and me feet in her face because I don’t like smelling other hot breath in my face when I'm trying to sleep.

Her room had a lot of light in it from the night light she had in and the moon brought in a lot of light too. 

So I couldn’t fall asleep and I happened to glance over to the right corner of her room where her dresser was. And I saw a figure of something there.

So I looked away and looked back and there was a little girl about 7 or 8 years old with blond curly hair and a really old dress like those old Victorian dresses crouching down looking at me and giggling.

I got so scared I shut my eyes and opened them thinking I was just seeing things but she was still there so I was kicking my sister in the face yelling for her to turn on the light and when she turned it on the girl was gone, and my sister was yelling at me asking why I was kicking her face yelling to turn on the light and I told her.

We left the lights and the TV on after that so we could try to sleep. In the morning I felt like that was the girl that was poking me in my room and in my brother’s room.

I also felt like us messing with dousing rods and pendulums made ghost activity in our house increase so we stopped messing with that stuff. But we want to start again cuz I'm 16 now lol.

Story Credit: Kathy.


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