More Happenings at my House

More Happenings at my House

This story is actually two parts. First I will explain the happenings that have been going on recently (since my last post) and then the second part is basically a question that I hope to get some input about… 

So right after I posted my last story, literally like 15 minutes later, I was in the kitchen getting a drink and my cat jumped up on the counter. He knows he is not allowed on the counter so he usually doesn’t even try to get up there, but he jumped up there and was staring out the kitchen door window.

I assumed he was looking at a moth or something else that was on the kitchen door glass trying to get to the kitchen light. Then I heard a growl, which if you read my last post, you would know that this is not the first time I heard a growl.

I walked over to the kitchen door which is only about three steps away from the fridge and I looked out.

The porch light was not on but there was enough light from the kitchen shining out that I could see a few feet passed the door.

I didn’t see anything so I thought maybe Aly was making the noises at whatever he was staring at. Then as I went to walk away I heard a bark, so I turned back around flipped the light on and looked out and there was nothing on the porch. I stepped outside and walked around the house but still I saw nothing. 

A few nights later my brother came in my room and woke me up and said he thought he heard something in the basement. This is not the first time we went through this, so I went downstairs as quietly as possible, and listened.

It did sound like somebody was in our basement moving things around. So I got my shoes on and walked around the one way to the basement and my brother went the other. I got to the basement doors and saw my brother a few feet away.

Nobody passed either of us. The basement light was on and the bottom door was open, so I walked down and nobody was down there. I couldn’t say for sure that anything was moved. Strange thing about the basement light being on is it can only be turned on from inside the house.

This could easily be as simple as somebody forgetting to turn the light off when they got back upstairs, but everything else is not so easy to explain.

Last weekend Alyssa was staying, and she was getting ready to shower and I needed to run down to the basement to get the towels out of the dryer. When I was leaving the bathroom I turned to shut the door and I saw a dark figure move in front of the window in the door.

I saw this in the mirror to my right. I tried to recreate what I saw but could not. 

Last night as Alyssa and I were walking across the porch and as we walked in front of the big window in the dining room. Alyssa jumped because she said she saw someone walking in front of the tv that was on in the living room.

I automatically assumed it was my brother. So when we got inside I walked upstairs to his room to ask if he was just downstairs and he wasn’t home. 

So, now to my question…

I have had paranormal experiences in all the houses I’ve lived in. I feel as if something is following me. I’ve had the same experience in multiple places that I lived. I don’t want to post it now but if anyone wants to know, I will gladly explain.

When Alyssa and I first started talking, we got on the subject about paranormal. She said she felt something had been following her, before I even mentioned anything about me feeling the same. I don’t want to tell her story on here because that’s her business.

Since we started dating in July and we have been spending a lot of time together, activity has been picking up at both of our houses. So I was just wondering if since we both feel that something is following us, if these spirits or whatever are feeding off each other or if they could be in competition? I don’t know, I don’t want to sound completely ridiculous, I am just wondering.

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