Most haunted Places in India

The Six Most Haunted Places in India 

India is arguably one of the most spiritually oriented places in the world. It is the spiritual birthplace of Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Its history stretches all the way back to antiquity, and even in this day and age, many Indians still take their various religions very seriously.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Indians also believe in ghosts, spirits and other supernatural entities. In fact, many haunted places in India have complex religious and historical backgrounds.

The most haunted locations throughout India tend to be related to special events, important persons or just powerful entities.

So if you want to know more about some of India's scary places then this article will show you what you need to know.

The Forts of Bhangarh 
First on the list is Bhangarh, a small town with a very interesting history. According to legend, Singhia, a dark sorcerer, had cursed the ruling nobility of Bhangarh after he had been killed while attempting to put a love spell on Bhangarh's princess, Ratnavati.

The curse turned out to be quite powerful, for Singhia's curse lead to the death of the ruling families of Bhangarh during a war.

The full extent of the curse had been so traumatizing to the citizens of Bhangarh that locals even to this very day still claim that anyone who enters the forts and palaces of the old kingdom will die from its curse.

In fact, even the government of India have put up signs telling people not to enter the area before sunrise and after sunset.

So if you want to see one of India's most popular haunted palaces, Bhangarh is a nice place to start your tour, just remember not to do it after dark.

Dumas Beach 
There usually aren't a lot of stories about haunted beaches, but if you're looking for one then Dumas Beach in Gujarat ought to be your first candidate.

Most people may not know this, but Hindus have a long tradition of burning their dead on the beach, and Dumas Beach happened to be one of the major sites for those kinds of rituals.

In other words, Dumas Beach is basically a cemetery/crematorium hybrid with a nice view of the sea.

Throughout the years, numerous visitors and tourists to Dumas Beach have reported hearing strange noises that warned them not to venture any further.

In some cases, several tourists even disappeared as they walked near the beaches during the night.

Whether these tourists were abducted by ghosts or disappeared due to some inexplicable phenomenon is still unknown.

What is certain however is that those who visit Dumas Beach are advised never to walk the beaches alone, particularly during the night.

Ramoji Film City 
Ramoji is the Hollywood of Hyderabad, but it was also constructed atop a battlefield where the Nizam Sultans fought and died.

According to witness accounts, paranormal phenomenon often took place during film shoots.

There were also several reports of lights falling from ceiling and of inexplicable accidents and injuries that would have been impossible under normal circumstances.

Sometimes, items and foods in film studios would be scattered, and unusual marks in Urdu (the language of the Nizam Sultans) would be etched on walls.

Moreover, sightings of ghosts, shadows and the sound of strange noises are also quite common in Ramoji.

It's even widely accepted by the actors and directors who work in the Film City that their working environment is permeated by the supernatural.

The Savoy Hotel 
Haunted hotels are fairly common all over the world, but in India the most famous haunted hotel is the Savoy Hotel.

Built during the height of the British Raj, the Savoy Hotel was once considered as one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in India at the dawn of the 20th century.

Since its opening, Europeans from all over India and Asia would flock to the Savoy as a way to be seen in the right crowd of people.

According to legend, the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme, who died under mysterious circumstances during the early 1910's. The autopsy of Lady Orme's body found that she had been poisoned, but the perpetrator of the crime could not be found even to this day.

Those who have encountered Lady Orme's ghost report that all she does is wander around aimlessly, and that her face held a blank expression.

Some theories say that she's still looking for murderer, while others say that her death may have been the result of her interest in seances and the occult.

The Shaniwar Wada Fort 
The Shaniwar Wada's reputation comes from its legacy of warfare. Located in Pune, the Shaniwar Wada fort is haunted by a slain prince who had been assassinated by one of his own relatives when he was only 13 years old.

The shrieks of this ghost could be heard all throughout the palace, and sometimes, even outside the walls.

Aside from the young prince's ghost, it's also worth mentioning that the Shaniwar Wada fort was the site of several battles and marked the final surrender of the Maratha Empire to the British in the early parts of the 19th century.

Because of its relatively tumultuous history, the fort has seen many inexplicable accidents throughout the years, the most famous of which occurred in 1828, when the fort itself was significantly damaged by an unexpected and unexplained fire.

The Raj Kiran Hotel 
The Raj Kiran Hotel, located in Lonavala, Mumbai is not particularly haunted. Its real problem lies in one of its rooms at the ground floor of the hotel. Naturally, because of its haunted nature, the room is no longer rented out to visitors and guests.

Those who have stayed in Rij Kiran's haunted room were not necessarily visited by ghosts and apparitions, but instead, had strange, and even traumatic, experiences.

According to the people who have stayed in the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted room, they saw bright blue lights, objects that moved on their own as well as strange shapes and sounds.

The Raj Kiran Hotel may hold other secrets, but for now, the haunted room is easily one of the most notorious features of this particular hotel.

The previous is just a short list of a few of the most haunted places in India. As vast and historic as India is, there are plenty of other haunted places to research and write an article about.


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