Most Haunted Places: The Tower of London

Most Haunted Places: The Tower of London

This historical-Palace and Fortress is rumored to be one of the most haunted places to inhabit earth. Built in 1078 by one William the Conqueror. The Tower is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, at the eastern boundary of the City of London financial district, adjacent to the River Thames and Tower Bridge.

Between the river and the Tower is Tower Wharf, a freely accessible walkway with views of the river, tower and bridge, together with HMS Belfast and London City Hall on the opposite bank. This fortress once served a few different purposes, a few being utilized as a prison, a place of torture and execution. 

February 12, 1957: 
A lone-guard stands alert, suddenly, above him, he hears something striking atop the guardhouse he resides in. Curious as to what the sound is, he steps outside and inspects the top of the guardhouse. He describes what/who the culprit of the sound was as a shapeless, white-figure on top of the tower. 

Upon further investigation, on this day in 1554 Lady Jane Grey was beheaded. 

However, it is said that the most famous-ghost to haunt The Tower of London is the spirit of Ann Boleyn. Ann Boleyn was the most celebrated wife of Henry the VII. May 2, 1536 she was arrested for charges of incest, adultery and plotting to murder the king.

Following a short trial, May 19, 1536 , Anne was beheaded. Anne's spirit is said to haunt numerous-areas of the fortress, such as the chapel of St. Peter-ad-Vincula(her burial spot). As well as the white-tower. When she is seen here, Anne is said to be holding her head under her arm. 

These are just two of the thousands upon thousands of rumored ghost-stories to take place at The Tower of London. I've personally never been to The Tower of London, but after doing a bit of research, it seems like a great ghost-location.

If you have visited and you have a ghost story/ghost picture or ghost video available please do submit it! As I, as well as the rest of the community would love to hear about it. 

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