Most Haunted: The Myrtles Plantation

Most Haunted: The Myrtles Plantation

Rested in St. Francisville, Louisiana, close to Baton Rouge, lies Myrtles Plantation. Built in 1794 by General, David Bradford, this historic-location is rumored to be one the most haunted locations in the United States.

Bradford died in 1808 and the estate was eventual sold off to Ruffin Gray Sterling in 1834 (this was after the home being inhabited by relatives of General Bradford's, few of which died at the plantation from yellow-fever).

At this time, the plantation was called Laurel Grove, but was changed to "The Myrtles" when Mr. Sterling along with his wife Mary Catherine Cobb remodeled the house making it close to double its original size. 

After the death of Sterling, the plantation was left in the hands of his wife who then sought the assistance of William Drew Winter, Mr. Winter assisted Mary Cobb as her lawyer and agent who was also the husband of Sarah Sterling, Mary Cobb's daughter.

Together Drew and Sarah had six children. One being stricken with typhoid-fever (Kate Winter. She died from the disease at the age of three while at the plantation).

1871 William Winter stood on one of the porches of the Myrtles Plantation, when an unknown assailant surprised and shot him. Drew was actually able to re-enter the house, he attempted to climb the stairs to the second-story of his residence, however, he never made it to the top, he died on the 17th step on those steps. 

Sarah stayed with her mother at the myrtles until her death in 1878, her mother following soon after in 1880. At this time the estate was passed on to one of her sons, Stephen.

The property exchanged with numerous-owners over the next few decades due to debt and finances. At some point in the 1950s the property was now owned by Marjorie Munson. It's stated that she often heard things out of the ordinary happening around the Myrtles.

The house was then sold and re bought(again) by a family in the 1970's who restored the house. Yet another exchanged happened and the new-owners(James and Frances Kermeen Myers) believed the property was haunted.

Francis Kermeen had written a book about the Myrtles and the hauntings experienced there. Today the estate is owned by John and Tetta Moss and offers historical and mystery tours. 

Myrtles Plantation Ghost Stories:

This story is one of great debate (with different theories), however is probably the most popular of the stories. Chloe was supposedly a slave of once owner Clark and Sara Woodruff. Chloe was the mistress of Clark, not by choice however.

After being caught by Sara Woodruff, Chloe's ear was cut-off, this in turn caused Chloe to wear a green turban to hide her flaw. 

Supposedly, Chloe plotted for revenge. She had baked a cake containing poisonous-extracts, hoping to cause death to Sara and Clark. However, her plan greatly backfired as Clark did not eat the cake.

The caked was consumed by Sara and her two daughters, with rumor stating that all 3 died from the poison. 

Now this is an area for debate as records dismiss that the Woodruffs never even owned a slave named Chloe, Cleo or any like names, One of the daughters did not die from poisoning, while the other is said to have died from yellow-fever.

Whether the story is true or not, the fact remains that a human in a green-turban is said to haunt the St. Francisville plantation. 

Many other ghost stories have been told about the Myrtles, one including blood of union-soldiers soaked into the floor of doorways(this is rumored to not come clean). Some stating that they can't even start the cleaning process for unknown reasons. 

Or the haunted mirror in the house which is said to have captured the souls of Sara Woodruff and two of her kids, some have reported seeing one, two or all three in the mirror, or at the very least mysterious hand prints on the mirror. 

Rumors that the spirit of William Winters can be seen staggering up to the 17th step of the staircase, collapsing at the 17th step. This is actually the only historically-documented murder at the plantation. 

Again, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Myrtles Plantation. Is this place just made up of legends or not?


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