Most Haunted: The White House

Most Haunted: The White House

If you were to be standing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Youd be situated directly in front of what we now call the White House.

Built October 13, 1792 as the home for current and future presidents, the building first become home of The United States 2nd president, John Adam's and his wife Abigail in November of 1800 prior to its complete-construction.

In 1801 Thomas Jefferson moved in and around this time, most of the structures on the exterior of the building were finished. The White House was then known as the Presidential Palace. During the war of 1812 the Presidential Palace was stormed by British troops and most of it was burned up during the raid.

The British had caused major fire damage to the walls and exterior of the building. This begin the process of painting the walls and exterior white to help conceal smoke marks, thus renaming the Presidential-Palace the White House.

The White House is probably the most historical and symbolic-monument in the United States today and houses the current president and Commander and Chief Barack Obama.

But as many-rumors would have it, former-presidents still reside at the White House and occasionally make their presence know in one way or another. There are many a ghost story to tell about the White House

The most frequent former-president said to haunt the location is believed to be Abraham Lincoln...Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was a guest of the white-house and was situated in the Lincoln Room on the second-floor.

She hears a knocking on her door, upon opening she is said to have been greeted by the ghost of Abraham and fainted. Eleanor Roosevelt believes that she was "felt" the ghostly presence of Abe while she worked in the Lincoln Bedroom.

It's reported(several times) that President Lincoln can be seen standing, staring out the window of the Oval office, with his hands behind his back as if in great thought. Multiple reports of hearing footsteps in the Lincoln Room with no logical explanation of a source.

The ghost of Willie Lincoln, a son of Abraham Lincoln died during Abe's presidency and is rumored to have been seen wondering the halls.

A clerk once rumored to stopped in from of the Lincoln Room and he stated to have had seen the ghost of Lincoln taking off his boots while sitting at the edge of his bed.First Lady Abigail Adams is rumored to make her presence know in certain hallways of the White House.

President Harrison is thought to be the source of noises in the attic, as if looking for something. She also has been sighted in the East Room where she hung clothes after washing. Reports detail that she is usually in a hurry with her arms full of laundry.

The ghost of Andrew Jackson has been heard stomping and bickering about in the Rose Room where he slept and also in the halls near the Rose Room.

There are just so many rumors, stories and legends to tell about the white-house. Often times the same haunting is experienced by different persons, I feel that makes the rumors somewhat more credible.

I want to hear your opinions, have you ever been to the White House for a tour or otherwise? Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary whilst there?

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