My Blind Friend Who Could See Ghosts

My Blind Friend Who Could See Ghosts

When I was eight years old, about the time of the "they can touch you" experience, (for that story, go here: ) I met a friend who was blind.

This girl was named Tina. Tina was quite a few years older than me, and she was a daughter of my parent's friends. 

Tina's family was odd. They lived in a house they had built themselves in the wilderness, over forty miles from any small town. Tina's family were extremely isolated, and had no electricity or plumbing.

I have seen and lived in homes off the grid, and they were wonderful. Tina's house was different. It was like a giant double wide trailer, with a ceiling of about twenty feet.

The entire thing was made from scrap wood, with no paint or anything nice.

It had a dirt floor. Everything in the house was dirty. This family kept Tina isolated from everyone, and they felt shame about their blind daughter.

Tina's parents collected money from SSI for Tina's disability, and they did all they could to keep her with them so they could keep her money.

Tina never went to school at all, and rarely had friends. Her parents told her that blind people do not live on their own, and that she would never be able to leave them.

Tina never knew differently. I tried to tell Tina that I knew for sure that blind people live away from their parents, but she wasn't sure if she could believe me, and even if it was true, how would she leave them? 

Tina's Dad had been accused of murder. I don't remember and maybe never knew the details, but somehow he didn't go to prison for it. The court found him to be innocent, but the people that lived in my town believed he was guilty.

My parents told me that people had put up flyers almost every fifty feet the entire forty miles to their house which said, "You know you did it [Tina's Dad's name]". Tina's parents never told her about it, and I didn't either.

I imagined how awkward those rides must have been for that family, riding along with those posters all over the place and hoping their blind daughter would never find out.

My parents told me that they wondered if he did commit the murder, and they sometimes felt bad for Tina's Mom. 

Tina was a sensitive person. Any small cut she had would distress her and she would go on and on about it. She told me once to close my eyes and feel a cut on myself, and she asked if feeling the cut made the wound seem worse than if I just looked at it.

The small cat scratch I felt did seem bigger and worse than if I had just looked at it and didn't touch it. Tina always obsessed over any scratch or bruise she ever had. 

Even though Tina was so much older than me, she still thought like a child because she never had the chance to learn anything. So, we got along really well. Soon after I met her, I asked her why she moves her eyes around so much if she was blind.

Her eyes were always darting all over. It was as though she desperately tried to make her eyes work, all the time. Then she told me that she could see ghosts.

She said that she had always seen them around her, and that they feel sad for her because she is alone. 

I had always assumed Tina was making it up to make herself feel less lonely and sad.

But, when I was fourteen and met the ghost of Toby (for that story, go here: ), I asked Tina if she saw any ghosts around me.

She told me about a few, including Toby, and she described him perfectly. She described his hair, his white tank top, and even his tattoo. I was amazed. Of course, I hadn't told her about him and she had no way of knowing. 

When I was seventeen, my parents told me that Tina's Dad killed her with a hunting bow. He stalked her in their house, with her not knowing he had an arrow pointed at her.

He admitted to this. He shot her, sensitive Tina, and he said it took her a long time to die and she bled a lot. He is in prison for life. 

I think about how Tina is a ghost now. I hope she has found peace.


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