My First Paranormal Experience

My first paranormal experience took place when I was 8 years old. The house we were living in at the time was a rental, and the guy that lived there before us (Bob) died of a heart attack in my mom's bedroom. 

My mom had to run a quick errand, but I did not want to go with her so she decided to let me stay at the house by myself since she would only be gone a few minutes. This was the first time I stayed in the house by myself.

I was laying down because it was still early in the morning and I heard the sound of bare feet walking on the linoleum through the kitchen, down the hallway and stopped at my doorway.

At the time, I was too afraid to look to see who it was because I knew I was in the house by myself. Then after a few seconds, I heard the footsteps go in the other direction towards my mom's room.

To me, it seems as though Bob was checking up on me since this was the first time I stayed in the house by myself. I think that because this was a positive experience, that is why I have a positive outlook on the paranormal and resulted in me being fascinated by it rather than being afraid.

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