My First Sighting

My First Sighting

One day a long time ago.. Me and my friends walked up to the third floor of my home and we saw a shadow that didn't belong. what I mean is that there was 4 people and 5 shadows. So we thought maybe one of us had a double shadow or something.

So we all began to jump around and flap our arms. Waiting for the shadow to move with us. After about a few seconds we realized it wasn't moving with us. We all took off down the stairs but once we reached the second floor something pushed me over and I fell face first on the ground. 

At that moment i knew my real friends. Brooke & Taylor took of while KC stayed back to help me. After we had made it half way down the stairs we almost tripped. And basically fell down the rest of the stairs. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs we realized we were missing Taylor.

We heard a scream not a-play-haha-just-kidding scream but a Help-me-please-there's-a-murderer kinda scream. 

All previous fears forgotten we take the stairs 2 steps at a time. And once we reach the 3rd floor we see her rocking back and forth in a rhythmic kinda way. Sitting in the same spot were we saw the first shadow. She looks up at me and goes limp.

I race over and pick her up like a baby (she only weighs like 65 ponds)and carry her down the stairs. We reach the bottom and she slaps me and says "i can walk ya know." i almost fall over from relief that she is back to normal. she says she doesn't remember being possessed or walking back up the stairs.

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