My First Time

When I was about 8 I lived in a trailer park with my mom and step dad. We lived in a old red and white trailer. I'll never forget Bee. She 'was' a nice old lady who lived in the back in my moms room.

She looked the way a old women should. White curly hair and a little dress. Ill never forget how she would always wear perils. She was my best friend. We would watch cartoons and eat toast together.

A few months after we moved in my mom took me down the street to a lady who lived a few down from us. We were all talking and she said something about her garden.

I said "Oh your the lady with the yellow roses those are Bee's favorite. She said you don't bring her them any more." The women was more than shocked.

My mom was confused. The women asked how I knew Bee's name. I explained to her how she was my friend and how she loved the roses she use to get. The women asked me something I didn't even know I knew.

"Patty... How did she die?"

"From a blood clot in her head." My mom and the woman's face went white. I'm 8. I don't know what a blood clot is....

I can't tell you how I knew.

A few days latter my brother saw Bee. In the form of a white light going from the kitchen to the bed room in the back. I'd never seen my brother so scared.

But I took his hand and lead him in side and told him that Bee would never scare him to be mean. My whole family to this day still take about my best friend Bee....

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