My Friend Tony

My Friend Tony

This is the story of my friend Tony. 

Tony was rarely interested in anything besides having fun. In fact, even when he wasn't old enough to drink he was always out finding a way to get his hands on a cold pack of beers, or some marijuana. Overall, he was a good guy, and a very smart person, despite some of his seeming character flaws. 

In 2002 Tony lived in a small town in Montana called Libby. Up until this time, this was the city he grew up in and the city which he called home. This town was ungodly small, and the artery which pumped life into the town was the highway which ran through it.

The surrounding area in Libby was adorned by steep crags of granite, cloaked beneath by a seemingly endless carpet of evergreen trees, interspersed with occasional holes, where houses and barns were built. 

At this time Tony was at the oldest, 16. He and his friends, even in this small town were able to get their hands on some of the strongest marijuana on the market, often called "Missoula Dank Buds," which came from the neighboring city of Missoula.

Missoula is known to be somewhat of a miniature Amsterdam in Montana. 

Tony and two of his friends decided to go for a "walk." They walked down a long straight dirt road and stopped at an old abandoned house. The house was made of extremely old wood, and had a large picture-style window which had been gone for decades.

This was the place where they decided to sit. They began to smoke their marijuana, and talked amongst themselves, about the things which teenagers talk about.

Tony enjoyed laughing, and one of his friends said something quite funny. At this point Tony began laughing so hard, that his laugh became high-pitched, almost like a girl's laugh. Tony looked up and noticed his friend appeared to have had his eyes fixed on something behind him (his friend was leaned up against a wooden fence).

Tony became serious and looked up to see an older woman in her 50s standing in front of them, with an eerie, yet demanding presence. 

All three of the boys were startled, as they hadn't heard, nor seen the lady approach. The woman asked "Where is the little girl?" At which point Tony looked her dead in the eye and replied "There is no little girl, I was just laughing, I sounded kind of like a girl, do you mean that?"

The woman appeared unfazed by anything that Tony said, and repeated her question "Where is the little girl? I know I heard a little girl." Tony again looked at her quizzically and said "Lady, THERE IS NO LITTLE GIRL."

At this moment, in an instant the woman zipped in front of Tony and asked louder, and with more intensity "WHERE IS THE LITTLE GIRL? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING HER!?" Tony was terrified and began to just scream in her face, so hard that he began coughing.

He looked up and the woman was gone. His friends were all there to see this bizarre event take place in such a short time. 

Tony, told his friends that it was time to go, and it didn't take any convincing on Tony's part. He and his friends began running down the dirt road. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, and looked up the hill.

He just saw the woman standing ominously on the hill. Tony was paranoid that she was going to follow them home, so he started running through the forest, taking an unusual route to get home.

Eventually he and his friends got back to Tony's house. Here they drank water, and ate lots of food. They told his sister about what they had just seen, and she explained that there used to be a creepy lady who was accused of abducting girls who had lived in that area, and was said to have died recently.

Supposedly her daughter still lived in the town. In fact, Tony went to school with her.

Eventually Tony moved on to do better and greater things. Today Tony is married and working as a pharmacist. No doubt he still looks back on this experience and gets the chills.

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