My Haunted Past, Present and Future

My Haunted Past, Present and Future

This is a true story about a house my family and I lived in when I was young. That house changed my life, and it still haunts me to this day.

If you like this one perhaps I will submit more, as I have had quite a few paranormal experiences over the years, I hope you guys enjoy it! 

When I was 7 years old we moved into an older farm house, in an old rural section of my valley. The house was a large one story with a large attic and a big basement.

The basement had a sub-basement that we found , to our horror, had been being used for some kind of devil worship. Many unexplainable and life changing events took place in the 2 years that we lived in this house.

It was because of living there that I understood what was different about me, that there definitely was a "spirit realm" and perhaps many other realms as well.

My mom, who was raised a Jehovah's Witness, we all had been until 3 years prior, immediately set about cleaning the offensive drawings off the basement walls.

She finished with "banishing" the demon(s) and whatever else from the house with bible passages, commandments, and our whole family praying together for our home to be cleansed, needless to say... it wasn't enough. 

The house was big and built in the 40's, it had 4 bedrooms 2 and 1/2 bathrooms large living room and den all on 2 acres with out buildings for livestock.

The whole back of the house was an addition, they added on an extra master bed / bath, also a large den, then they added a "housing" around the basement, and another large room beyond that.

So you walked out of the den through a door into a hallway to your right there was a door to the long stairwell down to the basement, and to the left, directly across from the basement door, was the window to my room, then there was a door to the large room, and another door to the side-yard.

My room wasn't to big, it had enough room for my double bed, a small dresser with a vanity. It had another window that faced the side-yard, and a small closet with a door that matched the door to my bedroom.

I liked it, I didn't even mind the window that faced the basement, at first, that is.

My younger brother's and my fear of the basement was paralyzing, I guess that's true for most kids, so, we always needed someone with us when we went down there.

Before we moved an extra border in down there, the basement was set up to be a "fun room" for us kids.

We rarely used it, because it was creepy, also, one time my brother and I were down there and a rock flew out of the sub basement area and landed next to the couch we were sitting on.

Needless to say we stopped going down there after that, except when we had a lot of friends with us. My mom didn't like going down there either, after finding that evil stuff all over the walls.

Many years later mom told me that she felt "something" in that house, she was familiar with that sort of thing it turned out, but that's a story for another time. 

It was a warm spring day, a few of months after we moved in, when the first strange incident took place.

I was sitting on my bed and there was a noise to my left, I looked over at the door, which was open, to see the knob moving.

I touched the wall to see if it was shaking, but it wasn't. Then a few days later the same thing woke me up, except the door was closed, and the knob was definitely being shaken, I flung open the door thinking it was my brother, no one was there.

My mom thought it was my mind playing tricks, I knew better, and I understood now why my brother refused to sleep alone. He kept feeling like someone was watching him, and I felt it many times too.

The most frightening incidents to happen to me took place after we had been there for about a year and with in a few days of each other. 

One hot summer night, it was hard to sleep, my slumber was fitful. I remember waking up an seeing something at the end of my bed, it was about 3 1/2 feet tall, with a wrinkled greenish complexion, human like eyes, silently motioning me to take it's hand.

I was terrified, paralyzed and I wanted it to go away, so I shut my eyes and prayed for it to be gone when I opened my eyes... it was.

A few nights later I awoke to the noise of a door knob being shaken, only it was my closet door, not my bedroom door, that was cracking open.

When I looked over it opened wide to reveal what looked liked a somewhat see through, John Wayne, that morphed into my grandmother, then into my grandfather, dad, mom then it just kind of looked like a blur.

I once again closed my eyes, stuck in place, praying for it to be gone, and once again when I looked it was gone. Now that I am older, I realize that, whatever this thing was, it was trying to take on a pleasing form, this time, so I would trust it, my instincts told me not to. 

Another couple of strange things happened, I was walking around the block and a voice out of no where said "get out of the way death is coming for you!".

I looked up and jumped back just as a car rounded the corner cut a little to hard and would have plowed into me had I not moved. I have had more than a few times that has happened over the years, but I believe that was my "guardian angel".

Looking back I wonder if they have been more vigilant because I'm confident that 1 of the bad spirits has followed me these many years.

Or perhaps it is because the veil is thinner for me, I am extremely empathetic, people who are in emotional turmoil wherever I go somehow find their way to me. Perhaps that is why that house has an effect on me to this day. 

Besides my "interactions" with the spirit or spirits, it seemed like it was taking a toll emotionally on all the adults in my home.

Besides the fact that my dad seemed more angry all the time, our borders of whom 1 was staying in the basement, were also behaving oddly.

I believe that there were perhaps several spirits maybe they were demons,I'm not sure as I was pretty young. We had strange problems with the house, like no matter how many times we fixed the furnace, it would inevitably start making a loud booming noise, even shooting flames from the vents once.

By the time we had been there for almost 2 years and our boarders had been there about 8 months, everyone had the feeling that the house was haunted. 

The last incident, before my parents decided it was enough and moved us, happened on Easter Sunday. We were all in the living room, my family an the 1 boarder we had left, watching "Jesus of Nazareth", and for some odd reason a discussion of scary stories had started.

I listened intently as Bobby, our border, and my dad both told scary stories, when my dad started telling the story of my uncle and aunts encounter with an Ouija board their friend had used in their home, the lights dimmed several times, and then the thunderous "BOOM!", of the furnace. Bobby said, " if that TV goes off next I'm out the door," it didn't, but, I think that was it for my parents, we moved out 2 months later. 

I had a feeling from that house and after, even until now, that entity or entities have been attached somehow to my family. I also believe that a Ouija board had been used, probably often in that house.

I believe that house was a doorway and some of the people, (often the already troubled or sensitive ones), who lived in or visited it caught the "spirits" attention.

Since I had a few occurrences since living there, especially after I turned 12, that had the same feelings I used to get associated with them. These too are stories for another time, but, I will tell you the most significant one to have occurred since then. 

For a long time I wanted to know if something had been following me like a dark cloud my whole life The dream started in that house, I was a child, then a black figure started to chase me.

I ran as fast as I could, running from the house, to many incidents in my life as I grew up, all the while being chase by this black figure who intended me harm.

When I awoke, and this has never happened before or since, it was there standing above me in the waking world, I called on God and demanded that the entity leave at once, it dissipated leaving me feeling both terrified and full of wonder. 

I do believe that entity was trying to taunt me at a very turbulent time in my life and that it had been there for all the worst parts of my life.

I have had quite a few prophetic dreams over the years and I've had many paranormal experiences too. It is due too living in that house I found out what is going on around us all the time.

Also, it created a need in me to prove to people that there is a spirit realm, IE; the paranormal exploration I love to do.

So, that house and that dream have had a lasting effect on me, and the dream's significance was not lost on me, I was, I am and I always will be haunted. 

Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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