My House and it's Spirit

My husband and I got married early September of last year and went on our honeymoon the day after. We stayed gone for about a week and had my parents house/animal sit for us while we were away.

Everyday that we were gone my mother would email me telling me that my dog was barking a lot during the night hours and they could never see what he was barking at.

I just blew it off as he was an outside dog and could have been barking at many things, a stray cat, a deer, racoon, really anything.

Then her emails started to become more confused, she said my cat wouldnt leave thier sides during the night hours, which is odd because he always sleeps in my bed and my parents were sleeping in the guest bedroom.

I just told her maybe he was missing us. On the day that we returned home I came inside to find a matress in my living room floor. My parents had been sleeping there because they said they felt uneasy in the guest bedroom.

I found that odd as my father is a Druid, and normally things like that dont bother him. After they left and my husband left for work I was all alone.

I didnt mind much because my parents had cleaned my house for me and did the laundry so I had nothing to do but sit and watch tv. I was fine up until around three in the morning.

I'm a night owl and used to my husbands night shift so I wasnt the least bit tired.

I kept hearing things coming from one of the bedrooms we didnt use yet, as we were turning it into my husbands game room. The door knob started to twist and turn and I started to panic.

I jumped up and threw the door open and flipped the light on. I called out  " I'm not sure what you want but I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to scare me."  

I turned the light out and shut the door. 

Later that night, or should I say earlier that morning I went to bed. It was around five, and I couldnt hold my eyes open much longer. I turned off the tv and the light and headed for my bedroom.

I crawled into my bed thinking about how nice it was to be home in my own bed when I felt my cat jump up to lay with me. I raised up to pet him and used the light from my cell phone to see...there was nothing there.

My cat was no where to be found in my room.

I blew it off and drifted off to sleep. Around 8 I heard my husband pull into the drive way so I woke up to fix him some breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and found that it was very very cold.

I went back to my room to grab my housecoat and check the tempature. My air conditioning was set on 72. So I started to get a little worried when I realized that my husband hasnt came in the house yet.

I looked out the window and his truck wasnt there. I just thought to myself must have just been someone driving by.

When he did come home he was so tired he just wanted to take a shower and come to bed without breakfast so I went back to bed.

When he crawled in I looked over and noticed that he was pale. I asked him what was wrong and he just kept saying nothing, nothing honey, go to sleep.

So I laid there with my eyes open just thinking about all the weird things that have been happening.  I must have fallen asleep because I awoke with a start.

I heard talking coming from outside my bedroom door. It was opened a crack so the cat could come and go as he pleased, so I could hear them plain as day, though I couldnt really make out what they were talking about.

I woke up my husband and to my dismay he was already awake just listening to them.

He told me that they had been talking for the past half hour. I thought it was odd that we could actually hear something like that, but my husband pointed out we had our little box fan on and it was making white noise, enough to hear them through.

I jumped up ready to face what was on the other side of the door. I swung the door open and there was nothing  there but the smell of perfume.

I had never smelled anything like it before. It really shook me up so I just shut the door and went back to bed. 

Things like that happen on a regular basis now. My husband and I hear people talking and door knobs moving. My new puppy barks at the door to the game room all the time and will hardley go in there unless we are in there.

Whatever or Whoever is here doesnt seem to want to harm us though.

Luckily for it, I would hate to have to have my father come and rid it from here. As long as we can exsist together then it can stay.

On a side note: oddly enough while I was typing this I felt as though someone was watching me from behind and it got awfully cold in this room.

Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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