My Orb Story

My Orb Story

I used to doubt orbs, and I thought they were probably some sort of ball lightning if they weren't dust and bugs. Then, I had an amazing orb experience that left me a firm believer in orbs. They really happen.

I was online with a friend in Florida. There was a bad storm happening there in Florida with a lot of wind and lightning. We had our webcams on, and we were talking on the phone at the same time.

He offered to put the webcam in the window so I could see the lightning. I thought that would be fun. So, he put the webcam in his window. I could see non-stop lightning, and palm trees blowing in the wind.

It looked pretty intense, but I love watching storms. Then I started to see lights. These lights were blue orbs moving slowly over the ground, unaffected by wind.

They looked about eight inches in diameter. I thought maybe it was light reflecting on raindrops on the glass of the window, or some malfunction in the camera.

I said to my friend, "Wow look at those blue light things-" and he didn't know what I was talking about. He didn't see them out his window, but when he looked at the image created by his webcam, he could see them.

They started to come closer and get bigger. I was really excited because I thought it might be some rare form of lightning, maybe even only visible with certain equipment and not the naked eye.

As the orbs came to the window, I could see they actually had lines on them, and they appeared to be some sort of translucent metal pods that glowed blue. The lines were similar to basketballs.

I did take screenshots, but this was 2007 and my computer died and I lost my hard drive. I am an artist and I could try to recreate what they looked like if anyone really would like that.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then an orb came to the window, and it had a face. It was not a happy face, and it looked like some sort of lost wandering soul. The "head" filled up the space inside the orb, and looked sort of swirly.

It looked like it was tired and trying very hard to show itself. I swear it looked at me. I just knew somehow that it knew I was there. It seemed to be conveying misery to me. I could be interpreting all wrong, but it seemed like a lost ghost.

It was human looking. Then more orbs with faces inside came near the window. They swirled around each other and took turns looking at me. This went on for over a half an hour.

I wasn't going to stop watching until it stopped.

I feel like it was a great privilege to see this and I will never forget it. I appreciate that I can know for sure that at least sometimes, orbs are more than they appear to be.

I don't know if they are spirits, but that is probably the most likely explanation. Or, maybe they are some sort of lightening creature that we haven't discovered. Whatever they were, they were some sort of beings with awareness.

I don't know why they only showed in the webcam. Maybe they need electricity somehow.

I have also heard that it is easier to see ghosts in a room lit only with a T.V. or computer monitor because the flicker rates somehow make it possible to see the ghosts, like some sort of strobe effect that includes darkness in the light so we can see things we would not normally see in a constant light instead of a light that flickers.

I just don't don't know, but that was amazing!



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