My Ouija Board Experience

My Ouija Board Experience

Several years ago, a friend and I were hanging out. It was about the time the election between Kerry and Bush was going on. We had a few drinks.

After sometime, my buddy asked if I had ever played messed around with an Ouija board, to his surprise, I answered no. I was never really into those sorts of things.

He got the board out and we sat at his kitchen table messing around with it. At first, I thought he was moving it as we asked questions...however things started to become very weird.

I was barely touching the PLANCHETE piece and I could tell he barely was touching it himself.

We only had one finger on the PLANCHETE. We started asking if someone was in the room with us and to give us signs. At first we started hearing random knocks.

First in the kitchen where we were sitting then throughout the entire house, it wasn’t until we mocked whatever we were talking that we would start getting crazy things happening.

We called whatever we were talking to a pu**y and that it must be too scared of us to do anything.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we hear what sounded like someone barging his front door. We were completely caught off guard and both jumped.

We opened the front door and there was nothing there. It was a very calm night with no wind. I will admit we kind of found it rather funny. We went back to the board and started harassing it some more.

We started hearing footsteps coming from his attic and growling like sounds. It started becoming pretty serious. We asked what it wanted. It said, not even joking, milk and cookies. It spelled it out.

Well we didn’t have milk or cookies at the house. We went to the local gas station and bought milk and cookies and poured a glass of milk and placed it on the table with a plate of cookies.

We got back on the board and asked are you happy now. We never got a response. We kept messing around with it and never got another response back from it. I left for the night and went home.

I went back to his place the next day and he looked rough. I asked him if he had a hard time sleeping. He said everything started going crazy a few hours after I had left and he left and drove around for a couple of hours because he claimed he didn’t feel safe in the house.

Everything went back to normal after that night, however we never used the Ouija board again. That night convinced me that the Ouija board is nothing to mess around with unless you feel up to going against the supernatural.

Take it from me… I experienced something that I cannot explain.



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