My Paranormal Experience

My Paranormal Experience

Now this is a story that happened a few months back to me and my sister. We were on a walk around our town as usual and it was normal for the most part, until we started to walk up the street, as soon as we walked out the front door the air around town changed and got really heavy like.

We blew it off thinking it was just the weather of the day. it had been humid all day and it was kind of still humid out that night so that's what we left it as.

Until we continued on our walk up to our old school grounds and hang out. Up there we kept on into the school grounds and decided to look at the stars for a while, we sat down on the sidewalk and began to look up at the beautiful sky and all the stars out.

It was a few hours later and all of sudden something made me turn and look at the road. I couldn't see anything really and looked back at the sky and as I was turning back around, I caught something out of the corner of my eye and asked my sister to look and see if she saw what I saw, and she said no I don't see a thing.

Well I kept watching the movement on the road and it looked like 2 people where walking up to the school as well, and I asked my sister again if she could see them and she said they're not there, I can see them look harder, and she said no, I can't see them.

I said "well you will, they're headed into the grounds now", she says "where" "right there, look at the corner of the gate entrance, there are 2 people walking in here right now". She finally seen them walking into the field.

So, we watched them walk further into the field and because we've had problems of people stealing things in town we made sure they kept walking. We kept watching them.

This is where it starts to get weird, we got tired of watching them, so we went back to star gazing and forgot about them.

But after a while, I looked in the direction I had last seen them and there they were still walking, but a few seconds after I had seen them, they disappeared. I mean just disappeared into thin air.

I looked at my sister she looked at me and we both said where did they go? I said well maybe they turned and we just didn't see them, and then she said well maybe they ducked into some place because they seen us watching them, then I said again maybe they walked faster toward the gas station or something.

Well, we sat there a bit longer and kept talking about what we had just witnessed and got to thinking about a few other things that didn't seem right either, like how they didn't make noise walking on the gravel road, or had even been talking to each other like most people do.

We also noticed that their clothes didn't make any noise either like our clothes did when we moved which we thought was extremely odd, so we thought that we'd take off after them and try to find them ourselves so we took off after who we thought it might be, and we were hoping it was someone from town or someone that was at a house of someone in town.

We weren't convinced that's what it was, so, we walked up to the gas station and asked our neighbor if he had seen the two people fitting our description. He said no he hadn't seen anyone looking like that.

That's when we were convinced that it was supernatural and not natural. Then we got a glass of water and headed for home, but as we got back to where we had last seen the figures we got another strange feeling, now we felt as if we were being pushed down on.

We felt nauseous, panicked, and in fear of our lives, we also had a hard time breathing as well.

Then we thought we might be intercepting something from another person, what or who are we channeling and why?

I forgot to say that we had also herd faint screaming and other things that night while we were following whoever we thought we were following, but never made an explanation as to what or who we had been filling or channeling but that hasn't happened since that night. It's fine by us even though we have had many kinds of supernatural or paranormal experiences since then and before then so we've come to accept it as our way of life and we take it a day at a time. That's how we live from day to day.


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