My Story

Ever since I was a little girl I have been experiencing paranormal activity. Most of the spirits that come around come and go others stick around a little longer than others. Most of them are past relatives coming to see how we are doing. None so far have been harmful to myself or my family. My parents refuse to let me communicate with them through a Ouija-board cause I am too young and I wouldn't know what I was doing and get possessed.

I can't really tell my parents about it they wouldn't listen to me or believe me, they would blame it on the TV or the wind and to stop watching so many scary movies or it was my imagination. They always blame it on stupid stuff. Well I don't think you can blame the weird visions I get from time to time on the wind or TV or my imagination cause it involves people I have never seen before in my life who die. 

They just don't understand at all but some of my friends have the same problem and we have a little group for this kind of stuff, we all talk about it and try to figure it all out with help or not we sort of help each other get through it, if they can't, I guess you wouldn't understand everything unless you have been in the presents of something you can't touch but you can see and hear only but it's really hard to explain I guess. But when it happens trust me, everything will be different well to me it has because I have been experiencing this for 15 years and I am a 15 year old teenager. It not something you can just ignore for the rest of your life


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