My Uncle's Property

My Uncle's Property

When I was 13, my Uncle's wife passed on and a couple of months later my uncle too passed on. Before his property was distributed, we kept it for about two days. On the second day, me and my brother who shared the same room (he was 17 by that time) decided to experiment with prayer that night and later it proved to be very helpful. 

We lived in a little industrial town with my father and step mom and a maid. We all went to bed early at about 9pm and as soon as the last light went off, all hell broke loose. Plates were falling and breaking in the kitchen and metallic dishes banging. 

My father immediately woke up and went to check on things and everything looked normal and nothing was broken or had moved. As soon as he went back to his room it began again.

And again, he went to check and everything was normal. Later that night, the maid reports seeing a woman in black coming into her room and saying“we are going to kill him right?”

And she just said yes and my father and stepmother said they saw something like a pig walking through the wall, nothing came to our room.

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