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So, I kind of knew I had something kind of either following me or something of the sort. I'm gonna have a pretty long back story so go ahead and skim through if you like. Anyway, I have always believed in the paranormal and all those things ever sense I was told the awful story of Bloody Mary at age 5.

So I'd like to believe these 'hauntings' happened when I was much younger, like 8 or 9, at my old (second) house in a kind of old neighborhood in the middle of wherever.

So one day I was pretty much just being a little kid watching TV by myself in my bedroom when all of a sudden I heard this low moan-ish sound.

Again, I was young; I just remember it was a loud sound that pretty much scared the life out of me. I ran into the living room with the rest of my family and refused to sleep or even be in that room alone ever again.

Fast forward a little bit and I was in that same house, same room that had now been converted into my niece's baby room when my sister moved in and we moved out. I was in there with me sister-in-law and her sister, we were playing with one of those wind up dolls that sits on the edge of the bookcase and sways when you wind it up.

Any who, I was winding her up and after I set her pretty far back on the shelf the doll then promptly flung off the bookcase and landed at my feet. Not to mention the eeriness that was overwhelming in that room. So, obviously we left, but only after my brother told us about all the creepy stuff that would happen in the house.

Toy mice of shelves would be turned around facing the wall, doors would close by themselves and the closet doors in my brother's old room would be found wide open. Creepy.

Now, in my house I feel somewhat unsafe. I've always been one to get creeped out easily, I'm not a scary cat I love everything to do with paranormal (as long as I'm with someone, lol). (As I was writing that I saw a white mass over take my peripheral vision and scare me half to death, of course when I looked nothing was there.)

I don't feel like something/someone is going to hurt me I just feel like they're always watching.

I'll talk about what I know then I'll tell of my encounters. So, from my friend who is an empath, I have two spirits in my home. One of them is my nanny or grandmother; I've never met her because she lost her battle to pancreatic cancer a few years before I was born.

My nanny is so happy all the time and she often protects us (my family, but mostly me, I think) from the other spirit in my house. Now this spirit, whom I believe to be a man, is not bad but he's neutral.

He is very sad though and can get quite upset at times. This spirit stays in my bedroom for the most part but does sometimes venture downstairs (not often unless I'm downstairs but even then he's usually upstairs) he does also look over the ledge or stands at the top of my staircase which scares me because I can feel him.

I know when he's in the room with me because all of a sudden it'll feel very hot/ muggy and heavy. Just a very very heavy uncomfortable feeling when he's in the room.

Even people who aren't very sensitive (most people) can tell whenever the air feels heavy and uncomfortable that something isn't quite right.

I feel that he can tell whenever I talk about him because whenever I tell my friends, when we're in my room, only a couple minutes into telling them my bedroom instantly gets heavy and it's almost as if you can't make eye contact with them because of the feelings you get in there.

I asked my friend (who can somewhat communicate with him) if he was, you know, upset or whatever really. She told me he was happy that he could reach me through her and he really only likes my room because the last place he haunted kicked him out and I haven't done anything yet.

So, now here are some things that have happened in this house. I'm going to put it in bullets to keep track.

•When we first moved here I was sleeping downstairs on the couches with my little brother when I went to go turn out the kitchen and dining rooms lights an all of a sudden a plastic spinning top I guess fell onto the floor and went spinning into the back door past my kitchen and past me. My dog didn’t seem spooked whatsoever so I easily dismissed it but did tell my brother.

•I would be in the shower and get an eerie feeling.

•I used to straighten my hair every morning before school. Before I left I'd always unplug my straightener, my makeup mirror and turn off my TV. Sometimes though I'd walk into my bedroom after school and my straightener and mirror would be plugged in or just off (I never turned it off, just unplugged it.). Other times I'd come in and my TV would be on that fuzzy no signal channel. Obviously, I never changed it before leaving.

•I was looking into a full body mirror that happened to be slightly angled at a shelf I have on an adjacent wall. All of a sudden a picture that had been sitting there on the shelf had kind of daintily fallen off with nothing to prompt it. I kind of noped right out of there to say the least.

•Other times it'll be a little late maybe 10 or so and I'll be drawing by myself in a dimly lit room (Just my bedroom with my lamps on instead of my bright light) and I'll get this awful, heavy looming feeling. It kind of feels like there is someone watching me from overhead and kind of all around me.

•One time I was getting ready for school at about 6 or so and I had put on this really awful lipstick and I wanted to take a picture of me wearing it on my iPod. When I brought the camera app up it was on the back facing camera instead of facing me and it was working just fine, when I flipped it to face me however, it got all fuzzy and lines of gray and black started to fuzz up my camera. At first I thought it was just a glitch because it had only done this one other time, and just like the other time the back facing camera worked just fine it was only the front facing one and it only lasted for a number of seconds.

•Sometimes the radio in my room will sound like the music is playing louder than it will at other times. Like, I always have the sound on zero but sometimes (the sound is always fuzzy because it's broken) the sound will be just slightly louder than normal. The music is a little bit hard to make out but it's defiantly just radio music not much else.

•One time it about the 5th or 6th grade when I got a new phone, replacing my very first flip phone, I had moved the SD card and everything like that. I hadn't used that phone in a couple months when one day, while I was looking through stuff on my bed, I heard an alarm start going off. It turns out that it was my old flip-phone going off on its alarm that I hadn't used in some months. Obviously there was no good reason for it to be going off, it was turned off for a long time before it made that noise. After that day I haven't seen the phone nor have I ever had the alarm go off again

•Last night I was going into the downstairs bathroom, it was probably like 1 am and I was just looking at myself in the mirror when I heard almost creaking footsteps. They were so light I almost dismissed them. That bathroom and the room right next to it downstairs are directly below my bedroom/closet and the hallway leading up to it. The footsteps sounded kind of like a regular person just walking from one place to another.

I do have a dip in my bedroom floor somewhat where I heard the footsteps along. I was thoroughly freaked out because almost every night I've been getting the feeling I'm being watched from the ledge overlooking the whole downstairs and is also the hallway leading to my bedroom. I think he watches instead of coming down because, like I said, he's scared for one reason or another.

Something creepy- I asked my nanny if she was the one who knocked the picture off my shelf and my friend said "I honestly have no idea who did that" which scared me because I wanted so hard to believe it was her just being silly with me, but not I'm convinced it was him.

I also have to add that for the most part my dog doesn’t mind this spirit being here. I have been told by my brotherthat he’ll be at home with my dog and they’ll be listing to loud music and out of nowhere my dog will just stop and start to bark at the top of my stairs. I think the spirit was just watching my brother maybe because my brother was disturbing him and wanted to give my brother some incentive to stop being so noisy.

Honestly, I don't mind him being here. I kind of like it. I just wish I could talk to him, and tips for contacting him without making him upset like I've accidentally done in the past? I'm getting a little afraid of even being home alone now. Any help would be much appreciated!


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