Neidpath Castle

Neidpath Castle
Neidpath Castle has stood on the banks of the River Tweed near the town of Peebles. Its walls are 15ft thick and its gloomy dungeon and deep well are still in perfect condition. Some visitors to the castle have expressed fear and one lady refused to enter. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a piper who appears on the turrets and Lady Anne Douglas whose gown was set on fire by a candle when she was praying in the chapel. 

It's most famous ghost however is The Maid of Neidpath, Lady Jean Douglas, the youngest daughter of the Earl of March who died in 1703. Jean was a young girl who fell in love with the son of the Laird of Tushielaw. Lairds are not really aristocrats, only the owner of a large residence, and Jean's father thought he was not good enough for her. He wrote to the young man's father and told him to send his son to Holland to fight for William of Orange. He went off to Holland and Jean was broken hearted. She became ill, probably refused to eat, and became frail and weak. 

Her father became so worried about her that he wrote to Tushielaw again and demanded that he get his son back as soon as possible. When the news came that he was on his way the Earl took Jean to his townhouse in Peebles. On hearing that Jean's love was in town, the Earl lifted Jean to the window, she was by then too weak to stand. 

When the young man approached on his horse Jean smiled and waved but he didn't recognize her, she was thin and frail and weak, not the Jean that he had known. Lady Jean died soon after in her father's arms and her soul seems to have found no peace. 
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