Not So Nice 3 Men at my Door

A few months ago a friend and I went to visit a "ghost hunter" up in Iowa. He had heard through my friend about the things I could do.

At least what I thought I could do.

So he did an experiment. He drew down two different fonts and I had to guess what was on the paper. I got it really wrong.

Like super super wrong and I didn't think I could do anything. He told me to open myself. Something I don't really do. I don't like to see the things around me some times.

When I open that part I can't close it for a long time it seems. But I did it.

I felt stupid like I had made the whole thing up. But that night after dropping my friend off at home and after a long drive. I felt uneasy. I just thought because I spent 3 hrs in a car.

The next night I went downstairs. I live in an old farm house on a dirt rode. I've never "felt" anything.

But While in the kitchen. I felt like my chest was being pushed on. I couldn't look at the open basement doors. I had the sudden urge to run. I darted to the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

I stayed in there for a very long time. Its hard to explain. I felt them.

The three men in suits. On the other side of the door. Just waiting. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I didn't look at them though I could see there faces in my head.

The moved aside when I walked past. I said out loud. "I can't believe I had to go the bath room that badly and laughed a little." I pretended to look at my nails or something on my pants.

I walk thought the kitchen past the basement door and thought the living room and up the stars.

They're behind me the whole time. I knew what they wanted. They wanted to see if I could see them. They wanted some type of response. They were so close I could feel their cold breath.

I felt their hands wanting to rap themselves around me. I just kept walking and when I got to my door, I closed it and drew a ruin that I had learned from a pagan book I read when I was learning about different religions.

I did this on every door. My boyfriend was quite confused. But it didn't matter. That next night I saw them. The door handle shook a little and then I felt them.

They were so close to me agaig. Watching. It was very dark in the room. They made it hard to breathe. I sat up. I knew they knew I knew they were there. I looked at them. My body shook. I couldn't feel anything. It was like I was frozen.

I told them in my head. "I'm not a religious person, so I'm not sure what will make you leave. But you got what you wanted. I see you and you see me.

But this is my home. You are not welcome here or anywhere I am. Do you understand. Now leave." it was quite of a bit. they stood there then I heard it. "Make us"

I stayed up most of the night. They disappeared after a while. I stood my ground. Staying with my back straight.  I haven't seen them since then. I know they're in this house.

They watch from a distance. But i've made it clear that they will not get the better of me. No matter what or who they are.

No matter how many times I see faces in my bed room mirror. No matter how loud the screaming in my head gets or if they stayed out side of my door. They will never get back in to my bed room. Salt and ruins keeps them back.

Does anyone know what they are?

Can anyone help? I can't close myself down tell I know there gone. I will not be blind-sided.

Story Credit: PH.Grim


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