Nothing There, but Something Heard

Nothing There, but Something Heard

I had been up late at night, insomnia not yet crashing on me to make me want to sleep for weeks. We were visiting family in another state. Me and my mom were alone with this visit and we were staying at my great aunt's house.

Music was playing and my mom was fast asleep. I was the only soul awake. Nothing was going on, though, I always had a weird feeling with the house.

At night I would rush to my room, scared, feeling that someone was watching. 

I was playing on my computer. Nothing moved except mom when she was finding a more comfortable position. I heard nothing else other than my music, driving away my fear of silence.

Suddenly there was shifting outside the door, as though stuff was being moved. I tried to ignore it, but it continued. It also sounded as though there were foot steps. I was scared.

I was tempted to wake my mom. Instead, I turned off the light and laid down. Everything fell silent except the music. 

A few days later I asked my mom if something was in the house, and she said no. I explained what happened, and she told me that it wasn't a spirit. But it was the essence of my Great Grandfather.

He was long gone, but that he was still there since he had lived in the same building. I never knew that some events were not ghosts, but just what was left of a person once they left.

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