Old Abandoned Coal Mine

Old Abandoned Coal Mine

There are many stories I can tell you about this place and I just might. However, the story that is most prominent to me would be the one I'm about to tell. This story takes place about 10 years ago when I was 15...

It begins with a buddy(Chris) and I talking about the paranormal as we often did. We were discussing places to venture to that could be a hot spot for paranormal activity. We'd often hear local stories of the old abandoned coal mine about a mile down the hill from my house.

The conversations over heard were along the lines of "that place is haunted, man, we were there last night and...we've seen a ghost" this sparked our interest greatly at that point so we decided that we'll give it a shot or two together at a later time.

Now I've been to this mine before, alone, but only up to about 10-15 feet past the entrance, got scared and turned back.

We've decided a few days later on the coming weekend we'll head down to the mine. We've planned to take a few flash lights and some snacks, just your very basic ghost hunting gear. After we get our gear together we head on out.

Eventually we approach the old rusty metal gate that sits at the entrance to the mine surface, this instantly brought back memories of my previous attempt to explore the place, chills ran down my spine at that moment.

We look at each other, Chris nervously says, "let's go through". With a bit of initial hesitation, we finally work up the courage to go through the gate and to the mine site.

After a few minutes of walking, Chris and I find our self standing at ground zero looking straight up to the tops of the 5-6 huge buildings used to mine and produce coal way back in the 1920's-30's.

The fear I felt left as the anticipation of exploring the mine entered.

However, what caught our eye after our focus had shifted from the mining buildings was that of a huge ball of yarn sitting just to our left.

This ball had to consist of at least, 2,000 yards of yarn. Being 15 years old and kind of mischievous we decide to take the ball of yarn from the point that we found it, tie the broken end around a tree and unravel it with every step we took.

We got a kick out of this as we wrapped it around the first 5 buildings and the surrounding area(office buildings). It took a good 2 hours to achieve...then, we made our way to the 6th building, the last building.

We find our way up and inside, it was through an old coal chute.

This chute was empty of coal and easily accessible to climb into. Inside is pitch black and really warm.

Chris brings out a flash-light turns it on, we have a look around, graffiti covered all the walls. we take a few minutes to look over some of it, commenting on some of the art. To our left is a ladder leading to the top of the mine shaft/roof.

Eventually we make our way up the ladder and to the top, still unraveling the yarn with every step.

The top of the roof was at least 150 feet from the ground. Pretty scary, really. Now, this building had 6-7 floors to it, each floor had a huge hole in the concrete at the same place, including the roof, this allowed you to peer down all the way to the ground under the building we stood on.

We avoid the hole as we wrap the yarn around a few pillars.

We laugh as we complete our goal, really our goal was to find a ghost, but we got easily sidetracked.

As we stand laughing, looking over the entire site in what, by this point looked like a visit from Spider-man...we hear something at the other end of the building, Without thought we shift our eyes to the direction of the sound, we see nothing, but hear everything...something had taken off running from the edge of the roof and jumped(fell?) down the hole in the floors.

This was accompanied by the sound of someone screaming as they(it?) descended to the bottom floor. A puff of coal dust followed the thud. Instantly, silence fell. We looked at each other in disbelief and decide to get the hell out of there.

We leave the ball of yarn which was maybe 10-15 yards from used up completely, make our way down the ladder and to the bottom floor.

After a brief discussion, we decide to go check out the area where whatever it was landed. What happens next still haunts me. On the ground where "it" landed was not that of a corpse or Skeleton, but just a big pool of blood.

Nothing else, just blood, everywhere, running down the walls, covering a large mass of coal. We bolted out of there left our snacks and flashlights too. We didn't stop until we reached the mine entrance gate. We have no idea what happened to this day.

But even more astonishing was that the next day we went to pick up the gear we left behind

At the entrance where the gate sits was a ball of yarn, rolled up just as we had found it the previous day, no yarn was wrapped around any of the buildings, on the ground or anywhere at all, except for on the ball of yarn laying just in front of us.

That mine is still in possession of our flashlights and snacks.

Story Credit: Sean Foster.

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