Ouija Board

Ouija Board

The house I live in now is only 900 sq. Feet. Me and two others live there. A couple of weeks ago was my Sister's birthday and my mom bought her a Ouija board, STUPID. Well my sister quickly unwrapped it and forgot about every thing else.

She sat on the ground and put the Ouija board on the table. My mom left the room to go talk on the phone. So my sister Jamie, asked it this question... 

"Is there a ghost?" Nothing so she read the back of the box and learned your supposed to put two fingers on the planchette. So she dragged me over there and she asked the same question "Is there a ghost here?"

The table began to violently shake and we screeched! "AHH!! OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!" I was staring at the table in shock as the Ouija board flew off the table as if someone had just swiped it. 

I pointed and yelled unintelligible words as I jumped up and ran to get my mother. But my sister grabbed my arm and yanked me down next to her. She put her fingers to her lips and I shut my mouth.

She pointed at the Ouija board, at the planchette, it was just sliding around in circles as if trying to attract attention then it began slowly to land on individual letters spelling "B-I-R-D." Remembering my moms bird "Tiger."

I jumped up and ran to her room and found him dead from what the Vet says surprise and excursion. 

I walked back into living room and saw my sister crying and saying curse words. I got down on my knees and grabbed her shoulders and shook.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to claw and bite at me. I backed up and yelled her name "Jamie!" she shook and awoke. That was all that happen, it was over almost as quick as everything went down.

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