Ouija Experience: Contacted Emily who was Searching for Jude

My partner, their sister, and I had a couple of Ouija sessions tonight, and one in particular stood out. We communicated with someone who said their name was Emily.

We asked what they want and they said JUDE. We asked if Emily is good, and Emily said yes. We asked if Jude was a friend, and Emily said yes.

The notes are at the bottom, 'cause we aren't sure of some things.

All 3 of us had gotten incredibly itchy. My partner and I started feeling itchy on our arms, necks, and heads. My partner's sister's legs got really itchy.

My partner's sister and I suddenly got extremely frustrated. It made it difficult to focus on the session.

My partner was the designated speaker, and I was finding myself annoyed with their every move for no reason at all.

My frustration was hard to tell when it started since it was a very slow build-up. My partner's sister also got an overwhelming desire to clap around the time that we asked what Emily wanted.

Anyway, we asked Emily if communicating through the talking board was the reason we were all so itchy; the answer was yes.

After that, there were a lot of overwhelming emotions going about, so we told Emily we would contact them later and needed to engage in some self-care.

Name: EYLM
Is your name Emily? YES 31
Are you good? YES
Did you mean to spell out 31 earlier? PT (Which my partner's sister and I had strong gut feelings that it meant pretty though we didn't ask)
Who do you want to talk to? FD
Do you mean friend? YES
What do you want? DJUE
Do you mean Jude? YES
Is Jude a friend? YES
Is Jude here? NO
Are you/other spirits here related to why we are itchy? YES
Why are we itchy? P - (Then we left due to emotional conflicts becoming too intense)

Has anyone else encountered a spirit named Emily? Is it normal to manifest intense, random emotions/itchiness during sessions? Do these things mean anything?


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