Our Clever Housemate

Here in the Philippines, it is very usual that every house has its “unseen housemate” especially those houses that was abandoned or places wherein it was stayed dark with no lights on.

I was told by my mom that spirits or unseen entities love to stay in dark places for she thinks they find it as a sanctuary. I’ll give you an idea about our house first.

It was a 2 storey type house, typical house made in wood and bricks with 2 bedrooms.

It was built in year 1960’s. It was not that big so we didn’t really expect that “something” will be joining in inside our house since we don’t have any abandoned rooms.

It all started when I was 15 years old. There was a mass black out due to storm that day so we only had 2 candles as light. One was placed in our kitchen and one is in the living room.

I was asked to keep an eye on both candles for safety reasons.

Since there’s nothing else to do, I manage to read some books in the kitchen since it is more vivid than the candle that was placed in the living room.

About 30 minutes of reading, I notice that the light of the candle was somewhat moving as if it was dancing. I move closer to it trying to block the air that was causing the light to move but then I stopped.

I thought “How the hell could that be?!

There is no way a wind could get inside the kitchen since it was a closed room!?” I then stood up and look around but nothing odd was there until I felt that cold wind brushing against my nape.

Having Goosebumps, I rushed towards the door of our kitchen just to have a distance from the candle that was still moving / dancing but I can’t just leave the candle open.

I have to bring the candle with me or just give it a blow to take off the light. I tried to call my mum who is in our front yard together with my sister but no response from them.

I tried to look out in our living room but no mom or sister was there to comfort me.

As I looked back again in the kitchen, the light was not moving which made me felt nervous and curious both at the same time then a thunder strike.

I glance quickly at the living room checking if the candle was still up and then look back again in the kitchen only to see darkness.

To my horror, I run out of the kitchen and bumped in to my sister asking me what’s wrong. I told her that the candle in the kitchen went off. She checked it out herself and opened the door only to find that the candle is still on.

“Your saying?! It is not funny to play with candles” she says. “I knew what I saw and I’m not playing with that!”

I confirmed to her then I heard a faint giggle of a woman coming from upstairs. I asked my sister who’s upstairs.

I run to our front yard when she says NONE. As of this writing, SHE still do some tricks like that on me like hiding my comb, my phone, keys, books, mouse of my laptop and just last week my sun glasses went missing for almost a week.

I already put our house upside down looking for my things but no luck. It will only showed up to odd places right after I whisper that if SHE wont show it to me, I’ll make sure SHE will be kicked off out in our house.

I tried to somehow communicate with her but I don’t know why she keeps on ignoring my invitation. I don’t want to use Ouija board anymore because I knew there were black entities that was also wandering outside our house.

I could say that I was already immune to our “unseen housemate”. Its just that sometimes, she makes me pissed off :D


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