Paranormal Aromatherapy: Beyond Saging


So, now you are sitting there looking at the title and wondering what the heck "Paranormal aromatherapy" is. You have probably heard of aromatherapy and you have undoubtedly heard the word paranormal. You may even have an inkling of what smudging is … but that is just the beginning.

Different plants and herb have different properties and learning how to use those properties to your best advantage can make your life easier. To that end, let's look at what aromatherapy is and how it can best be applied to paranormal uses.

The medical dictionary at defines aromatherapy as "the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being." Yet the aromatheraputic properties do not stop there. Some plants promote things of a more paranormal nature than the physical or psychological.

Often houses, apartments, and even cars can carry the negative residual energy of those who previously owned and occupied that space. Negative energy is just a fact of life that occasionally needs to be cleansed, much like the lint trap in your clothes dryer. If you allow the negative energy to sit and build up, it could start a fire.

Maybe not literally, but figuratively, your life and everything in it will be infected by the negative energy that is allowed to accumulate. Insidious negative energy eventually creates an imbalance and even disease. Chronic stress and the anxiety, irritability, depression, and headaches associated with it will become a more regular part of your life if you do not clear it of that negativity. Worst of all, the continuous negative vibration can attract more negativity and even demonic entities.

For centuries, those in the know have been using the power held within the plants that surround us all to affect the world around them, clearing that negative energy before it becomes toxic. From ancient China and India to the native peoples of the Americas, the aromatic properties of plants have been understood and employed to the benefit of their users.

Paranormal Aromatherapy benefits can be found using the aromatic properties of plants in their natural state, dried, and smudging an area with them. Smudging is a form of paranormal aromatherapy that is used to clear an area of negative energy. It involves the burning of sage and spreading the aromatic smoke of that herb throughout the area in need of cleansing.

Sage, however, is not the only plant with protective and cleansing paranormal properties. It is not the only, nor often the best, method for cleansing. Burning is also only one method of delivery for the aromatherapy properties of herbs and other plants.

In recent years, aromatherapy has been brought into the mainstream through multi-level marketing companies such as Young Living, doTerra, and BeYoung. These companies focus on the healing properties of certain essential oils and their aromatherapy uses.

Essential oils are exactly what they sound like, the essence of these various natural sources distilled down into a useful oil form. These oils have a myriad of delivery methods. Used in their purest form, these oils can be diffused into the air around you via one or several of the special diffusers that have become popular, from simple Terra Cotta discs to full room diffusers.

But what should you put in those diffusors to rid an area of unwanted or malignant energy and spirits? We are so glad that you asked.

Beyond Sage…

There are many different herbs, flowers, and plants that can be used aromatically to drive out evil and negativity. Most of the herbs and oils can be found online as can different diffusers. Try out different ones until you find one that works best for you.

Name: Agrimony

Description: a genus of 12–15 species of perennial herbaceous flowering plants.

USES: Agrimony is an herb of defense specifically used to deflect hostility and to banish evil spirits.

Name: Amaranth

Description: A pseudo-cereal similar to grains like wheat, barley, etc.

USES: Amaranth is known for its protective properties specifically protection against physical attack and negativity.

Name: Angelica

Description: a genus of about 60 species of tall biennial and perennial herbs; commonly known as Wild Celery.

USES:Angelica is a very powerful herb used through the home to create a protective shield and repel evil spirits.

Name: Anise

Description:Parsley type plant of the Mediterranean region.

USES:In addition to being a tasty cooking herb, Anise is a powerful repellant for demons.

Name: Anointing Oil

Description: Okay, so this is not exactly "plant." It is, however, a blend of plant scents using equal parts cassia, calamus, cinnamon, and myrrh in olive oil.

USES: Often used in Catholic rituals as a form of blessing meant to ward off evil and the attacks of Satan.

Name: Asafoetida

Description:A spice derived from the dried sap extracted the stem and roots.

USES: Burning this herb will drive away more than just demons and other nasty spirits; it will send your family heading upwind as well. This stuff really stinks but it gets the job done.

Name: Asphodel

Description: A flowering plant of the lily family found in Europe and Asia.

USES: Diffusing the essential oils of the Asphodel plant will send spirits on their way to the afterlife and eject them from your space.

Name: Basil

Description: Common herb of the mint family used in cooking.

USES: While not the strongest herb for protection and cleansing, it has been considered sacred by peoples for centuries around the world. It will hold minor demons at bay when burned and the essential oil can be mixed with Holy Water to cleanse any space.

Name: Benzoin

Description: A fragrant tree gum resin from eastern Asia.

USES: Burned as incense, Benzoin will drive out evil spirits and leave a place protected against their return.

Name: Betony

Description: A plant in the mint family with purple flowers found in Europe and Asia.

USES: Betony can ward off nightmares when it is used in its natural, dried form. Simply growing it in your home will provide the aromatic properties of protection that ward off a wide variety of evil and malicious entities.

Name: Blackberry

Description: Not the yummy purplish black fruit but the vines of the shrub itself.

USES: Blackberry is a very powerful protective plant. Used in a wreath, the natural aromatic properties become a powerful shield against all evil.

Name: Boxwood

Description: European evergreen shrub. *CAUTION!!! Highly poisonous to small mammals such as cats, dogs, etc.*

USES: The sweet scent of Boxwood will drive out evil spirits and prevent them from returning.

Name: Cacao

Description: Small tropical American shrub, the beanlike seeds are the target here.

USES: Much like a hot cup of cocoa can calm the nerves of a child, Cacao calms restless spirits.

Name: Caraway

Description: Plant in the Parsley family often used as a source of oil. The seeds are where the fragrant aromatherapy oils are found.

USES: Caraway is known to repel demons.

Name: Carob

Description: Arabian evergreen that is small and bears edible pods.

USES: Carobs aromatic properties can help you dispel a poltergeist if you have one wreaking havoc in your life. However, if the poltergeist activity is human-created rather than a disembodied spirit, this will have no effect.

Name: Cinquefoil

Description: Herb in the rose family with five petal yellow flowers.

USES: This herb cannot cleanse a space or drive out spirits but it can be used to protect individuals from any sort of attack by those malevolent entities.

Name: Clove

Description: Indonesian tree with flowering buds.

USES: One of the most potent protective herbs, Clove is a standard go to for cleansing evil spirits from a space.

Name: Clover

Description: An herb in the pea family, it has a small flowering head and three petal leaf structures.

USES: Even if you are not Irish and have no connection to leprechauns, the aromatic properties of clover will protect you against evil spirits and negative energy.

Name: Coriander

Description: An aromatic, culinary herb from the parsley family found in the Mediterranean.

USES: Grown in your garden, the aromatic properties of this herb will protect your home and yard from evil spirits. DO NOT burn in its natural, dried state as this amplifies negative energy.

Name: Cubeb

Description: Herb in the pepper family from Indonesia.

USES: The spicy herb is a strong repellent for demons and evil spirits.

Name: Cumin

Description: Small Mediterranean plant of the parsley family with aromatic seeds.

USES: Create powerful protective barriers in your space that will expel evil and stop it from reentering the space.

Name: Daffodil

Description: A bulbous flowering plant with yellow blooms. *DO NOT INJEST!!! TOXIC!!!*

USES: Banish evil spirits from your home with the aromatic properties from boiling of the bulbs.

Name: Dandelion

Description: A weed in the daisy family.

USES: A very protective flower, they will clear out all negative energy and form a shield of white light around you and your space.

Name: Dill

Description: An herb of the parsley family with aromatic annual blooms.

USES: This common herb will warn off evil spirits.

Name: Elderberry

Description: Small flowering shrub and more specifically the small bluish black berries it produces.

USES: This powerful aromatherapy protectant keeps those with evil intentions from entering your space.

Name: Frankincense

Description: Aromatic gum resin from African tree.

USES: Well known as an herb for purification and exorcism of demonic energies. It works well diffused in a room to remove all negative influences.

Name: Fumitory

Description: A flowering plant often considered a weed.

USES: This extremely powerful herb helps to banish evil and purify any space.

Name: Galangal aka Low John

Description: Plant belonging to the Asian ginger family used as a spice in cooking.

USES: This will cast out any evil or negative influence in your space.

Name: Garlic

Description: Bulbous plant closely related to the onion.

USES: This powerfully protective herb will keep bad spirits away and magnify the effects of other protective herbs and plants.

Name: Hawthorn

Description: Tree or bush in the rose family with white blooms.

USES: Essence of Hawthorne and the plant itself has long been used to ward of faeries and evil spirits. Historically used to prevent faeries from taking a child and leaving a changeling.

Name: High John the Conqueror

Description: Root of the Morning Glory plant. *DO NOT EAT!!! TOXIC!!!*

USES: Banishes spirits and negative energy directed at you and your home.

Name: Holly

Description: Shrub with white flowers and red berries.

USES: The aromatic properties of Holly leaves break curses and banish negative energy and bad spirits.

Name: Horehound

Description: A hairy plant in the mint family with a strong odor.

USES: This powerful herb has strong aromatic protection properties. Used for exorcism of particularly nasty demons and malicious spirit activity.

Name: Hyssop

Description: Small shrub in the mint family. *WARNING: Toxic for pets.*

USES: Hyssop's aromatic properties keep evil spirits at bay.

Name: Juniper

Description: Evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic cone like berries.

USES: Burn or diffuse Juniper to help clear out unwanted spirits and energies.

Name: Mandrake

Description: Mediterranean plant in the nightshade family, the root is the target here. *TOXIC: DO NOT INJEST, DO NOT ALLOW CONTACT WITH SKIN!!!*

USES: Mandrake has long been known to have a wide variety of paranormal uses and properties. Aromatically, it amplifies the power of other herbs and plants by a large amount. It will fortify any protective properties.

Name: Motherwort

Description: Strong smelling plant in the mint family with purplish flowers.

USES: Demons, spirits, ghosts, faeries, and all other malignant energies will be kept away by the stench of Motherwort.

Name: Mugwort

Description: Plant in the daisy family with strongly aromatic leaves. *CAUTION: TOXIC*

USES: The aroma of Mugwort will form a protective barrier around any space that repels even the worst evil energies.

Name: Mullein

Description: Herb in the figwort family with tall spikes of yellow blooms and wooly leaves.

USES: Known to drive demons away, this ultra-powerful herb is an all-star in the world of aromatic protection.

Name: Myrrh

Description: Fragrant gum resin obtained from trees. *TOXIC if eaten*

USES: The aromatic properties of Myrrh drive out bad spirits. It is often combined with frankincense to really put a hurting on evil spirits and demons.

Name: Oil of Abramelin

Description: Another mixture, this time of equal parts cinnamon, myrrh, and galangal.

USES: Use to protect against physical demonic attacks and to exorcise demonic energies.

Name: Onion

Description: Yep, just a regular garden variety onion.

USES: Not only will the scent of onion drive your date away, it will also drive out unwanted spirits and energies.

Name: Plantain

Description: Plant considered a weed by most with long green spiked blooms.

USES: Use the semi-sweet scent of Plantain extract to drive away nightmares and other psychic attacks.

Name: Rosemary

Description: A shrub of mint family, aromatic and evergreen native to the southern part of Europe. A common culinary herb.

USES: Hostile spirits and negative energies will flee from the aromatic properties of Rosemary.

Name: Rowan

Description: A European tree of the Ash family.

USES: The aromatic properties of the berries, bark, and leaves of this tree can protect against and drive out the most stubborn of entities.

Name: Rue

Description: Evergreen shrub that is a perennial and has aromatic leaves.

USES: Good for clearing out evil spirits and energies.

Name: Scotch Broom

Description: A perennial flowering shrub native to western and central Europe with yellow blooms.

USES: Dispel spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and demons with the aromatic properties of Scotch Broom.

Name: Spanish Moss

Description: Perennial flowering shrub native to central Europe.

USES: This is a wonderful aroma to drive away poltergeists. They simply abhor it.

Name: St. John's Wort

Description: An herbaceous shrub with distinctive five petal flowers and matching oval leaves.

USES: The stink of this herb will repel most supernatural beings and likely a few natural ones as well. However, it is highly effective at driving out the most stubborn demons and evil entities.

Name: Styrax

Description: A gum resin from an eastern Mediterranean tree that is fragrant and rare.

USES: Use this regularly to clear negative residual energies from your home.

Name: Thyme

Description: Plant of the mint family often used as a culinary herb.

USES: They say that time can heal all wounds and while that remains to be seen, Thyme can certainly heal a space from negativity and evil attacks.

Name: Valerian

Description: Plant bearing small clusters of white and pink flowers native to Europe and Asia, with new introductions into North America recently.*TOXIC: do not ingest.*

USES: Smudging with Valerian is known to clear a space of negative energy.


So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of aromatherapy scents to help drive out negative energy and spirits and protect your personal space from demons and other evil entities. How you infuse your space with the aromatic properties of these plants is up to you.

Add some to your water when mopping or better yet, make a solution of vinegar and other protective scents. Create your own aromatic version of Febreeze and spray it around your spaces as needed. Diffuse it in oil form with a ceramic diffuser, light ring, scent ball, or terra cotta disc. Burn the dried herbs themselves and smudge an area clean of negativity.

Whatever method you use, these paranormal aromatherapy methods are sure to create a calm environment free of residual negativity and malevolent entities.


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