Paranormal Hotspots in Massachusetts

Haunted places always generate fascination among people, due to the supernatural aura that surrounds them. The occurrences in such places have no logical explanation, so people are naturally very curious about them.

There are various hauntings in different parts of the world, most of which have a story behind them. This also applies to the state of Massachusetts, which is arguably one of the most haunted states in the U.S.

There are many areas in the state that are famous for paranormal activity, mainly as a result of events that took place years ago. People with a keen interest in the paranormal will find this article fascinating, as it discusses some of the hauntings in Massachusetts. 

One of the most famous hauntings in Massachusetts is Salem, which is famous for the Salem witch trials. Many people were executed in Salem in 1692, after they were accused of practicing witchcraft.

There have been numerous ghost sightings in Salem, which are believed to be figures of the judges and those accused of witchcraft. Spirit images of these figures have also been filmed, some of which feature a lady dressed in black.

Another haunting in Massachusetts is Lizzie Borden's House, which is located in Fall River. This house was the site of one of the most infamous murders in Massachusetts.

The owners of the house, Andrew and Abby Borden were violently hacked to death in their home. Their daughter Lizzie was accused of the murder but was later acquitted.

Visitors to this house have been tapped by ghostly fingers, while footsteps have been heard in empty rooms. Apparitions of women in Victorian dresses have also been seen by both guests and staff. 

The other famous haunting in Massachusetts is the Hoosac Tunnel, which is located in North Adams. This is a railroad tunnel that was constructed in the 1800s, and which is said to have claimed the lives of more than two hundred people.

As a result, it was nicknamed the 'bloody pit'. Ghostly apparitions have been seen near the tunnel's entrance, while voices, cries of agony and sighs have been heard.

Ghost sightings of miners working at night have also been reported.

The Becket Quarry is the other location in the state that is known for paranormal activity. The quarry dates back to the 1850s, but its operations ceased in the 1960s.

It is still strewn with stone piles and abandoned machinery, as if the workers just walked away. Sounds of machinery and disembodied voices have been heard at the quarry.

Some people have also reported feelings of being watched while at the quarry. 

The Houghton Mansion is another area in Massachusetts that is associated with paranormal activity. The mansion is located in North Adams, and previously belonged to a wealthy socialite named Albert Houghton.

As the story goes, Albert Houghton and his daughter were involved in a car accident, after which they both died. The family chauffer survived the crash, but later committed suicide in Houghton's barn.

These occurrences have been attributed to the paranormal activity associated with the mansion. Ghostly voices and footsteps have been reported in the mansion, as well as feelings of anger and sadness.

At times, visitors have been scared by slamming doors, flickering lights and loud knocks on the walls. 

The Danvers State Hospital also ranks as one of the popular hauntings in Massachusetts. The hospital was a mental asylum, built during in late 1800s.

In the beginning, the institution was considered progressive but over the years it deteriorated as a result of overcrowding. The hospital was eventually abandoned in 1992, and has since been demolished.

Before its demolition, there were reports of laughter, cries and voices in the empty hospital. There were also sightings of ghostly faces peering from the windows of the empty building.

The other haunting in Massachusetts is found in Dudley Road, which is in front of the Saint Thecla Retreat House. Ghostly nuns and strange lights have been sighted on this road, coupled with strange sounds. 

Based on the above hauntings in Massachusetts, it is obvious that the state is a hotbed for paranormal activity. Further, some of the instances of paranormal activity have been linked to certain events, while some are inexplicable.

This adds to the mystery of these hauntings, in that one can only guess at the reason behind the occurrences. Massachusetts is therefore an interesting place to explore, for those who have a fascination for the paranormal.


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