Peggy Sue Weaver

Peggy Sue Weaver

Well it all started before I was born, a girl named Peggy Sue Weaver lived wear I live now in Campbell's Creek, West Virginia...not the same house but same location.

Let me start the story...well I never heard of this woman until I was about 7 years old from my mother, we took a ride up to the old grave yard in Witcher Creek, WV were my grandpa n everyone else who passed on her side of the family was buried. 

Well my mother was very skeptic about this situation because she was scared of it as she was growing she didn't want us to really know too much about it but on that memorial day weekend after we got back from Disney World, I got out the car and walked to the hill-side were my grandpa was buried.

Well, something, and I can't explain it, but something told me to walk towards the direction of her grave (Peggy).

It was gated around and had 3 tombstones inside, side by side but this one looked very out the ordinary to the other. I walked over to the gate, opened it and when I stepped through I got this chill and I'll never forget that feeling cause I had never gotten it before.

I kneeled down to examine the stone, I remember my hand touching this nail in the middle that had been driven through with about an 8 inch white cross Painted on it. 

It read Peggy Sue Weaver. Born and died... but what it didn't say is what I'm gonna to tell you next.

Peggy grew up in Campbell's Creek, one day she came home from school and told her mom she wasn't feeling well. So her mom told her to lay down and she would make her soup. She said OK. Well her mom made her something to eat and walked into the living room about an hour after she got through the door.

The neighbors reported a loud scream that could have awoken the dead, her daughter was gone. An autopsy was done and no out the ordinary thing stood out so they claimed it was natural causes. Well this struck even the doctors as strange that a healthy 13 year old girl had died of natural causes. 

Peggy was buried in Campbell's Creek 4 days later. About 3 months goes by and her mom had been reminiscing on her daughter and would go in her room. Well on her birthday, her mother went in and laid on her bed and got up looked in the mirror and seen her daughter's face on the wood that outlined the mirror as a silhouette.

That was the first of about 10 sightings. Her face came up on the porch post and the cabinets and even on the dinning room table. Her mom decided that she couldn't take it anymore so she moved to Witcher Creek about 10 miles away which was were I was born. 

A couple months goes by and her mom kept waking up with nightmares of her daughter buried in water and she was just rotting in a creek bed full of water. Her mom claimed that her dreams wear so real it was like she was talking to her in person so she wanted her daughter dug up and buried closer to her.

When they dug her up her casket was rotten with water and her body deteriorated 5 times faster because of water so they put her in a new casket and dress and buried her in Witcher Creek Cemetery. The next part may give u chills but just bare with me. 

This is something people back then never talked about and kinda wanted it kept secret. It was a strict southern baptist area just so you can get the picture...

One year later, a girl came home from church one day and said she met someone at Sunday school named Peggy. When her mom heard that name, she said who has been telling you stories?! and don't spread that name. Everyone knew of the situation, besides the girl and most of the younger generations.

The girl's mother told her father about her new "friend" she met at Sunday school. Her father was a Decan at the church, and did not take likely to the story. He asked her about it and she told him the same story she told her mom, he shook his head and laughed and said what did ya'll talk about and she replied "Satan" and "how he's a bad, bad man". 

A white look came over his face and he asked her how old this girl was she said my age 12...The father said well did she say where she was from and the girl replied Campbell's Creek but her mom moved away to Witcher...

The father couldn't believe his daughter just said this. Next Sunday, Peggy's mother and father were at church, they made a blessing for Peggy's mother and father cause it was coming up to daughter's birthday and wanted the best wishes cause everyone was aware of what they been through. 

The father called a nesting with all the Decans and the Preacher and wanted to bring up what his daughter had told him and wanted to recommend another baptism for his daughter but before he got the full story out 3 other Decans said their son's and daughter's said the same thing last week...

The Decans didn't let word out about there meeting or what had been said, the girls father came home and as he set at the table he looked to his daughter and said well did your friend come back to church this week, her reply was stunning she said "Yes, but she didn't want me to tell you, she knows you don't like her."

He looked towards his wife and back and replied awe now how does she know that? And she said she heard you at the alter with uncle Jim say so. 

He was in awe, he called the preacher and the other Decans that night and let them know they needed to do something about it. The preacher said right now is not the best time her birthday's comming up and they didn't want to upset the family.

The father agreed and the other Decans did to. So her birthday came up and her mother went to put flowers on the tombstone and seen her face yet again and as crazy as it seems they said she didn't cry but just sat there for 3 hours in the rain talking to herself or as some say, her daughter Peggy Sue. 

The town didn't want any part of it, they knew her mother was losing it, she would tell people I have to go by this dress for my daughter and would tell people my daughter is special she plays piano at the church. She had let rumors out about her daughter being on the tombstone were her mom would visit almost every other day.

The Preacher caught word and visited the tombstone and was shocked at what he saw. He thought it was some sort of witchcraft or black magic that this girl was talking to young ones of her age and haunting her mother literally driving her crazy but for what? 

The preacher ordered the Decan's to go to the tombstone and ordered the little girl's father who brought it up at the first meeting to take a nail, drill it threw her face and then put the white cross over it which resembled power of the father, son and holy ghost.

Peggy's mother went to an insane asylum in Weston, WV were she lived until she died. The little girl was my Mother and her Father and 3 brothers were the Decan's who drilled the nail and painted over the face.

Like I said, when I was 7, my Mom saw me at her tombstone and my Mom would look every year on Memorial Day at her tombstone to see if it would ever come back. 

When I was at the tombstone, she saw me and walked over she said what are you looking at and she already knew what but for some reason, she didn't look when she walked past this year but I did... and she knew then and there what told me to walk over and my Mom couldn't believe what she saw when she kneeled down and looked at the stone with me.

It was her face, she took pictures of us in Florida and when she got in the car her camera flew off the dash and landed right in her cup of pop.. The camera was ruined but the film was good I have the picture.


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