Phone Call from the Dead

Phone Call from the Dead

I grew up in Clyde Ohio. My mother and father had a motel on rt. 20. It was right in the hub of tourism. 20 miles from Ceader Point amusement park, 50 miles from Cleveland. So our summers were hopping.

We had a friend by the name of Dale who had a motel in the next town over. When we would fill up we would send him our business and he would do the same. He had a mentally handicapped son by the name of Jay. He was severely Autistic. But this was the late 60's and not much was done with Autistic kids back then. 

Anyway, we were friends and our families did lots of things together. When Jay was 19, an accident or possible suicide happened. The only ones that were there was Dale and Jay. And a gun. Dale ended up shot in the head.

The gun and Dale was on the floor. It was ruled an accident. Jay hasn't said much since the tragedy but I swear to you what happened next is true. 

We had a phone in the office and a line that ran down to the laundry in case we were doing laundry and couldn't make it all the way to the office. My mom was washing sheets and I was in the office. The phone rang, and I picked it up.

Now this was about 6-8 months since Dale had died. I didn't know it but my mom had picked up the phone at the same time. "Hey kid. What's up?" A familiar voice came over the line. "Where's your folks?" He asked. "Mom's in the laundry and Daddy's fishing, who's this?"

But the voice on the other end just kept talking. 

Talking about the time we went to a picnic and it was so cold that we ended up eating in the car. All the time my mind was racing. It couldn't be, but here it was. The voice coming out of the phone was from a man that had been dead for more than 6 months!

Finally, I interrupted him, "Dale!" i said. "Yes?" came the reply. "Where are you?" I asked. Suddenly the phone went dead. No dial tone. Nothing. I stumbled out the door headed for the laundry room to tell my mother of my ghostly encounter when I saw her coming toward me.

Her face was as white as the sheets she had been washing. 

I then realized that she had heard the conversation. "Who was that?" she looked at me as If I could tell her something other than the truth. "You heard it, there's no doubt in my mind who it was." As she took my hand I didn't know whose hands were trembling more, mine or hers.

I hope Dale just wanted us to know that he was all right. And he remembered all the good times we had, because we never heard from him again. I don't know. Maybe that's one more place you only get one phone call!  

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