Queen Mary Haunted History

Queen Mary Haunted History

To most people, the term haunted belongs to ancient times, and has no place in the modern societies. This is because it is associated with supernatural happenings, which have no logical explanations.

Nevertheless, haunted places have always generated a lot of interest in people. Chances are that even though you are curious about such occurrences, you are also skeptical, especially if you have not experienced them firsthand.

However, you might reconsider your stand as you read about the Queen Mary haunted ship. Currently, it is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the world, based on the numerous paranormal activities in the ship.

As this article discusses the history of the ship and its haunted places, you may wish to find out for yourself if this is real. 

The Queen Mary is a luxury ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic from 1936 to 1967. During its heyday, the ship was believed to be more powerful, bigger and faster than the famed Titanic, holding the record for the fastest North Atlantic crossings.

The ship's passengers included the most famous people of the time such as royalty, world leaders and celebrities. During World War II, the Queen Mary was used by the allied forces to ferry troops, and was also used for the D-Day invasion.

The ship reverted to its luxury cruises in 1947, sailing from Southampton to Cherbourg, and ending up in New York.

The Queen Mary fared well until the 1960s, when its popularity began to wane. This happened as people increasingly turned to air travel, which was considered faster and more convenient.

The ship ceased its operations in 1967, and has been permanently moored at Long Beach, California. Since then, it has become a famous tourist attraction, attracting a large number of visitors yearly. 

The Queen Mary is said to have various haunted places, which has been attributed to the deaths that occurred in the ship during its history.

There have been ghost sightings, in addition to unusual sounds and smells. The ship's first-class swimming pool is one of the haunted places, where women in the 1930s swim suits have been sighted.

It is believed that these are the two women drowned in the pool at some point in the ship's history. At the pool deck, wet foot prints have been said to appear and dry up soon after.

Further, mysterious splashes have also been heard from the pool, which has long been drained. The ship is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a young engineer, who was crushed to death by a watertight door in 1966.

It has been claimed that he has been seen walking around the ship on several occasions. 

There have also been sightings of young girl clutching her teddy bear, in the midst of disembodied laughter and voices. A ghost of a young girl known as Jackie has also been seen near the second-class pool, where she apparently drowned.

In the ship's first-class staterooms, the ghost of a man dressed in a 1930s suit has been sighted. There have also been reports on the ghost of a beautiful young woman, wearing a white evening gown.

She has been seen dancing alone in a corner of the ship's first class lounge. In addition to the ghost sightings, there have been other paranormal activities in the ship such as knocking sounds, slamming doors and screams.

The screams are believed to belong to a cook who was burnt alive in the oven during the war, because the troops were unhappy with his food. Some people have also experienced unexplained temperature changes, accompanied by strange smells.

There have also been sounds of a crying baby in what used to be the ship's playroom. Water faucets are frequently turned on and off during the night, as if there people washing up. 

As you have read the information on the Queen Mary haunted ship, chances are that even though you are doubtful, your curiosity has been aroused.

You will be even more curious to know that there is more to be learned from the ship, since some of its haunted places have been closed off to the public.

Whatever you may think about haunted places, you certainly cannot ignore the occurrences at the Queen Mary.


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