Ratings vs Reality

Recently an investigation I was on freaked out the wrong crowd. Suddenly I had demologists emailing me telling me I'm in danger that I pi*sed off a demon. Well ok it happens sometimes in this field that's just the way it goes. I have fought two before so I'll find out what it is and deal with it.

But next thing I know, I come home from work and find i'm in prayer circles. Well folks I do appreciate it truly, But I refuse to live in fear and that seems to me to be just what these groups were creating. 

Next I started receiving all these power prayers for fighting evil and such which is cool, but me personally I just talk to god like a friend and trust he's with me.

So I start going into different ghost hunting groups online to see if anyone can help me identify this thing so I can deal with it, though truly I don't feel threatened and as of yet it's done me no harm.

What I found was though, no responses. Then i think ok well probably makes folks nervous i understand so i go to some more well known sites to see if they can help identify the thing. 

Taps, ghost adventurers, paranormal state etc. and too my amazement again nothing. It really made me take a long look at the paranormal community as a whole and I found myself quite disappointed.

As I'm watching Zak Bagans twitter feed I find there are a lot of people asking for his help. Some of them young folks that watch his show decided they were going to follow in their footsteps and opened up some serious sh*t in their homes in the process. 

Now of course they are scared and don't know what to do so they are there shouting for help. What do I see Zak doing in response? Ignoring them and just chatting with girls. I was so disappointed in him I deleted his feed from my page.

I understand the need for ratings, but i also believe there needs to be policy of responsibility put in place for these shows as well. What do you think?

Anonymous submission.


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