Sad Warning Express: The Truth as I Experienced it

Sad Warning Express: The Truth as I Experienced it

When I was around five years old, my mother and I moved into a rented house in reo or rio Linda which is either in or near Sacramento. At that time the area was very rural with lots of farm and ranch land, and a few suburbs. I have always been into trains.

Still am. Shortly after moving in, we started to hear the horn of what sounded like a small or old fashioned diesel locomotive.

We looked everywhere, but found not tracks nor station or yard. We asked around, and although a few people had heard the horn as well, they had come across nothing either. They just figured that it was around somewhere, and forgot it.

Well, so did we. That is until after a few months, when walking back home from the park one summer evening around sunset.

We both began to hear the horn again-- this time from just up the road. This was followed by the deep, slow churning sound of a powerful motor, and finally by the slow clacking of wheels.

Up ahead in the red- orange heat haze, leaned an old rusty RXR sign on a crooked wooden post. 

Across the road came a rusty old switch engine pulling a car that appeared to be a rotten brown wooden caboose behind it.

Leaning from the front and back step rails of both the engine and it's trailer, were four (On the side I could see) Blurry figures wearing old blue/white rail uniforms.

From their hands hung red lanterns, (warning signals) and they swung these in slow and sad unison as the train (which brought a feeling of sadness with it-- I actually cried a little) rolled it's rickety slow way across the road.

We both saw something, But I have no idea if it was the SAME thing. we haven't spoken in years, her and I. When we got there, there was no sign anymore, and the tracks, if they had ever been at all, had also disappeared.

I don't think they could have been in the first place. Because the road they sat on was gone too. There was only a farm field behind a wire fence.

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