Scottish Ghosts

Scottish Ghosts

The British Isles must be the most haunted place in the world, Scotland is teeming with ghosts and I have had the most strange experiences in carrying out research. One famous ghost is that of Marion Ritchie, a former landlady of a hotel in the Scottish Borders.

The hotel, in the town of Peebles, was originally the seat of the diocese of the Archbishop of Arbroath in the 13th Century. It later became a family home and then an inn. Marion was landlady for many years until the 1780s. 

Her ghost does not take to new staff or proprietors. One chef who was trying to take a photo of her apparition was pushed downstairs from behind and broke a leg. 

Chefs, barmen and waiters who lived in the hotel have claimed to hear terrible banging noises in the bar at night, beer coolers are switched off mysteriously and two Australian employees left after only one night in the hotel because they saw a hand covered with a veil or scarf suspended in mid air. 

Parapsychologists were called in a few years ago and they attempted to make a tape of any noises which could be picked up by their special recorder.

The first time they played the tape back they clearly heard voices, the second time they heard Mickey Mouse type sounds and the third time the tape was blank. 

I attempted to tape an interview of one of the staff one day and the machine would not record at all. When I went to investigate as I was researching stories for a book, I was alone in the toilet of the restaurant which used to be the stables and the place was completely empty.

I heard knocking on the door and pulled it open and there was nobody there.

I also heard the same three knocks on the wooden banister while I was walking upstairs. Marion had lived in the hotel with her sister and her father Vintner Ritchie and I located their grave but Marion's name is not on it, according to records she died unmarried in the late 18th century.

Owners and staff at the hotel have come and gone over the years but the haunting seems to go on. 

Article Credit: Irene.


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