Shadow Thing

Shadow Thing

For as long as I can remember, my mother always taught me to be open to possibility as far as spirits and otherworldly beings go. She’s had her share of haunts from when she was little, and I’ve definitely had mine. 

It seemed like a natural part of the world, you know? My theory is that there are inner dimensions that reside alongside this one and that there’s a dividing line between the two, best described as a veil.

At times both mortals and those on the other side can see the other end of the veil and other times we can even touch. But the veil is always there in between, never exactly tearing a hole through it for skin on skin contact. 

I’ve went through many phases growing up. And I ventured into the world of Paganism and witchcraft and all they represented. 

I learned more about the paranormal that way aside from my own personal experiences with them; about the different types of entities there were; and the lore and myths. 

I’ve read up on shadow people and have even seen them for myself more times than I care to mention. But… there’s this one being that I can’t seem to properly define.

I’ve only ever seen it twice in my life and I’m wondering if anybody else has ever seen it before. But seeing as it’s always a shadow, I’m going to categorize it as such until it’s otherwise explained. 

The entity, both times that I’ve caught a glimpse, was never walking by itself. It followed after people. The first time I saw it was my first year in high school – come to think of it, it was the first day, as well!

I just met these two guys named Sebastian and Michael. We were seated at a round table just talking and getting to know each other and Sebastian stood up to walk around and trailing right behind him was this massively tall and overall large shadow-thing; I mean, this thing was BIG.

I couldn’t distinguish any detailed features except that it had a hunched back, a cloak draped around it, and long feathers (or quils? Horns?) sticking out from its head/neck and various places of its hump.

I didn’t catch the shape of its face entirely, but I’m sure it had more of a snout than a human head – plus, a human head on a body of that size would have looked ridiculous -- unless that was the hood I was seeing. 

But it was so clear… and in bright florescent lights at that! I was stunned and said something about it right away, turning to Michael to see if he saw it, too, but he wasn’t paying attention. 

The second time this happened was during my last year of high school on a different campus and with a different person. I was in art class, and my classmate, Alex, got up to get more supplies from the closet and as he passed in front of the marker board, there it was again! 

Just… following him to the closet. I didn’t make a peep about it this time and he didn’t seem to be spooked by anything or sensed anything weird when he came back, so I thought it best to not bring it up. 

I haven’t seen it again after that second time, but I want to know if anybody else has ever seen that before and if so, to let me know what you think it is. (For the record, it wasn’t threatening in any way, just a tad intimidating by its size.)

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