Honestly, I am just bored and decided to share a weird story of mine to see your feedback!

I am 19 years old and I do not believe in ghosts, demons or anything related to the occult or paranormal...I am a very skeptic person that needs to see to believe.

Some time ago...I believe 1 year ago I experienced an episode of sleep paralysis I did get quite shaken but nothing that serious. Woke up, paralyzed and seeing a dark shadow right next to me looking down at me. Not being able to move scared me, but after a minute or two I woke up in sweat. I let it pass since I am familiar with the sleep paralysis experience since I have narcolepsy.

But recently, it's been bugging me...Last month I was having a weird dream about two boys, as I was standing outside under a tree, sun shining and all of the Utopian dream :). They told me to follow them as they entered an old building and so I did.

I don't remember their faces. Just can't recall them even though I can recall every other detail of the dream. First, I went through a big door then it followed a very large hall and after a small wooden door filled with nails.

I pushed it and I suddenly started to feel pain in my I went through the wooden nailed door...there were some ruins of some old building and no trace of the boys...I caught the glimpse of a little dog who started running then all of a sudden someone came behind my back and said something I felt some hands grab me and started to drag me I felt like a was floating.

Drifting away...I felt very dizzy like I was under the influence of some drug. I couldn't fight back as I was thrown on some very soft pillows. Then I woke up but I wasn't fully awake. I was sleeping on my belly with my head facing the right side...on my left side, right in my ear, I heard some noises like someone was out of breath almost like a growl, like someone tired...I felt something trying to push me over so that I would lay on my back...3 times.

I wasn't really scared since I was sure it's just another episode of sleep paralysis. I am not a person of faith and I do not believe in such things as demons or ghosts. But I just can't shake the feeling. Being raised in a Christian family may have left a mark on my subconscious.



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