Sleep Scare

Sleep Scare

I was in fifth grade when it happened. I always had problems getting to sleep. And it was another night when I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning in my bed, trying to sleep in the moldy, trashed house.

I heard a few sirens, being near the one fire apartment in my small town. I rolled over, turning to the door, feeling nothing was wrong except my lack of sleep. I watched outside my door, being miserable. 

Suddenly, my eyes widened. A skeleton, the height of my brother, walked past my door into the bathroom, next to my door. It wore a purple dress, or a purple gown with a white collar. It scared me half to death.

I was afraid that it would come back in, so I turned, covering my head. 

Eventually, I did fall asleep, and then I never saw it again. I've told my mom, and she said she never felt it. All I could thin of was that it was just one time. But the image never left. And the memory still scares me.

But I will say that the fact that it went into the bathroom is a little humorous.

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