Somehow She Knew

Somehow She Knew

This experience happened a few years back, perhaps when I was fourteen or fifteen and it was close to Halloween. 

My friend, Jess, was having her birthday party and everyone was dressed up (Halloween/birthday party). Everyone spent most of their time around the bon-fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and just having a good time.

When the evening progressed, those that were left all retreated to Jess' grandmother's house. I cannot remember why, but we all took seats on the floor in the middle of the kitchen and began chatting to one another about anything and everything.

Jess had invited the new girl at school at that time to her party and she was sat next to me. We began talking and really hit it off.

Soon after, one of the girls had to leave so Jess' grandmother, Kathy, offered to take her home. After they had left it was only Jess, Eve (the new girl; not my friend Ev), Olive, Ash and myself. 

Jess presented the idea of performing Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board. Everyone agreed, aside from Olive, but she wanted to watch.

Jess went around the house gathering candles and bibles to surround the volunteer, which was Eve.

We explained to Eve what to do and she laid down while the three of us surrounded her with the candles and bibles and ourselves. I told Eve to close her eyes and relax, so she did. 

We began the chant and held out fingers beneath Eve's body. Olive was sitting in the computer chair watching as everyone concentrated on raising Eve's tiny structure.

After a few minutes, Eve began to twitch and she began to cry. I told everyone to stop and began asking her what was wrong. She said she was seeing stuff in her head and that it was frightening.

She described a desert-like cracked ground and in the distance was a black figure that slowly approaching. She felt immense fear at this presence and stated that she was now seeing her father murdering her mother in a very brutal manner.

Eve was hysterical at this point and everyone was becoming nervous and left the room.

Suddenly, she began screaming and flailing around like a maniac. Jess and I tried to apprehend her, but she kept fighting and struggling against us.

I eventually had to pin her against the closet doors until she sank down to the floor and began sobbing uncontrollably. At this point, everyone fled from the house and it was only myself that stayed with her.

Being possessed before, I knew how frightening situations like this could be and refused to let her leave my line of sight. I stood in the doorway of the room, keeping my eye on her, as she crawled to the middle of the room and continued to sob heavily.

Something happened at this point that proved to me, one hundred percent, that something was really happening to this girl. 

Eve stops sobbing and slowly looks up at me with disturbed eyes. She says to me "Oh my God, Adaleiss. He wants you. He's here for you,".

Obviously, I freaked because I never once told her about the incident in which I was possessed and followed by whatever had attacked me.

She somehow knew this without anyone ever telling her about it. Ash came into the house and began accusing her of faking the whole scene, but it was me that told them otherwise.

Upon explaining this to Jess, she too was shocked and freaked out. We both had no idea how she had known this. 

When her grandmother returned home, she was informed on what had happened and immediately began to bless Eve just as she had done to me.

Each time Kathy would sprinkle holy water on her, she would cry and say "ow" or "ouch" and informed Kathy that it burned her. After a few minutes of blessing, Eve was back to her normal self but was shaken up and disturbed.

She told me that she wanted to eat me for some reason and that whatever had taken control of her mind wanted me very badly. I have absolutely no explanation for this event, and to this day it bothers me.

Anonymous submission.


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