Something in my House

Something in my House

I was living in Utah in the mid to late 90s. We were living in a town home in a nice quiet area close to the mountains.

We started hearing footsteps running up and down the hallway upstairs, but since the town homes are all connected, we thought it was the people next door who has a small child.

I have tried going over to their house to see if it was them that we're hearing. I would be home alone during the day, and the running up and down the stairs would start. I went over to my neighbors (I thought it was odd, that no one answered in the 2 weeks that I have gone over).

I looked through the window, the place had been vacated. So there went that theory.

One night, I came home late from work, my then husband was home with the kids. I had to use the restroom as soon as I got in the backdoor, so I proceeded to use the one in the utility room off of the kitchen.

As I was walking into the room, I heard the footsteps walking with me from above.

The first thing I thought of was those darn kids were up. I never heard the toilet flush from above which is a big pet peeve of mine. So I went upstairs to flush the toilet. Much to my surprise, it hadn't been used.

So I woke up my husband and asked him if he got up to go to the bathroom.. he said no. So I went to the boys bedrooms to see if they were awake, all three boys were sleeping soundly.

I dismissed it and pretended I didn't hear anything. I would talk to my friends about it at work and they all thought I was crazy!

The footsteps continued almost on a daily basis, I had learned to live with it and ignore it.

Around Thanksgiving time, my sister and her family were staying the night with us, and she was up late baking pies, something caught her eye, so she looked over and saw one of my dishtowels levitate from the table.

When she looked at it, it dropped. Freaked the pants off of her. 

I had asked a friend of mine to come over and watch movies with me (she's one of them that said I was crazy and there's no such thing as ghosts). I had sent my boys to bed after they ate, and my friend and I started watching movies.

Again the footsteps started, and I yelled up the stairs to tell the boys to get in bed. I would say it was about 20 minutes later, we heard the footsteps running up the hallway, so I whispered to my friend, let's go sneak up on them and catch them in the act.

So we went upstairs, and much to our surprise, they were sound asleep. Now mind you, I only had 2 of my boys with me, one was 6 and the other was almost 3.

At that age, pretending to be asleep never worked because their eyelids would flutter or they would shut their eyes really tight.

They were sleeping. My friend was really freaked out, "No way, NO FRICKIN WAY!" I laughed at her, because she was now experiencing what I have been experiencing since the day we moved into this place.

She stayed and we finished watching both of the movies, however, she was so scared that I had to follow her home (she lives about 6 miles away), and turn on my high beams until she was in her room).

She was really scared... 

Several months later, I had split from my husband and I had decided to move back home to Texas. My kids were staying at my sister's house (which is haunted as well).

So I was home alone packing and cleaning stuff up before the big move in a few days.

It was late around 1am give or take a few, and I had heard a noise from downstairs that sounded like someone was trying to open the door, like the knob was rattling.

I looked out my bedroom window which is above the kitchen and I could see the backdoor.

No one was there, so I ignored it and was finishing up my packing in my room. I heard the noise again, but it sounded louder. Being home alone, I figured I had better go check it out.

Now just so you know, I'm one of those people who yell at the blonde bimbo in the slasher movies, because they go check it out and they end up getting killed LOL.

So I mustered up the courage to go check, but first I grabbed my box cutter, pulled the blade out as far as it would go. I went into the 2nd bedroom, looked out the window which is above the front one there.

I then went to the 3rd bedroom and looked out that window which is above the patio and you can see the parking area, nothing out of the ordinary.

I sighed and told myself to get downstairs and check it out. I checked all the doors, they were locked. I even went into the closet under that stairs (always creeped me out), nothing.

I didn't find anything out of place, so I went back upstairs to finish up my stuff and head off to bed. As I walked up the stairs, I heard the radio playing, thought that was odd since it wasn't playing when I went downstairs.

As I turned the corner to the other set of stairs, sitting on the top of the stairs was my "boom box" playing music. I was so freaked out, I called my ex to come over and spend the night. 

The next day, I asked the manager of the town homes if there had been a child that passed away in my place. A couple that lived there before me had twins, and one of the boys had died. Explains a lot if you ask me. 

After I moved out, I went to stay with my sister for a week before heading off to Texas. My sister's house is full of spirits there. Before they bought the house, they were staying in the basement apartment.

Her in laws owned the house, then they bought it from them. Anyways, I would always go visit my sister and we would play games, one morning, she asked me to go upstairs and get a game.

I hated going up there, because her in-laws lived there, and I felt uncomfortable there. Anyways, I told her I didn't want to go up there because they were still there, and she looked at the clock and said that they had left a long time ago.

So I asked her, "Who was walking up there if they are gone?" She didn't have an answer. Several times my niece who was the same age as my youngest (almost 3), would always stand at the bottom of the stairs waving at something.

I asked my sister what was Noelle doing at the stairs. She didn't know, but she mentioned she's always standing there. I went over to get her, looked up and there would be no one there.

One night my mother was there, and she woke up late one night and saw this man in overalls walk out of the master bedroom and into Noelle's room, and never came back out.

Then later on again that night, my mom saw the same man walk out of my sister's room and into the bathroom.

The next morning my mom asked Leon if he had gotten up to check on Noelle and go to the bathroom. He said no, so she told him what she saw. He just blew it off, he doesn't believe in that stuff. 

Around Christmas time, after my sister bought the house, my younger sister moved into the basement apartment. We were all upstairs in the living room goofing off and dancing to Christmas music, my sister told us to go downstairs because she was putting the baby to bed.

Everyone left but me my sister's and my sister in law. we were upstairs talking, when I heard Leon telling a story to Kaitlyn, I said we needed to go downstairs.

My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw that Leon was downstairs with the baby.

I asked him what was he doing down here when I heard him upstairs?? My sister found out who Noelle was waving too. Her in laws were leaving my sister's house, and they were at the door saying goodbyes.

Leon was holding Noelle, and kept waving at a man in the picture hanging on the wall. This man was Leon's grandfather. He have lived in this house before he passed away.

They still have stuff happening at that house to this day. My dad lived there, and he did a lot of paintings. He was working on one, and decided to take a nap, then go back and finish his painting.

When he woke up, someone had painted on his painting. This happened several other times. Finally my dad said, "I know you are here, and I don't care, but you leave my paintings alone.

Only I can paint them." It never happened again. 

My ghost saga still continues... more to come.

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