Something Under the Bed

I spent most of my teenage years living with my dad in north memphis,tn. In a small, cramped but cozy apartment that's attached to a convenience store. The store was closed down most of my life. We would hear something like bricks being drug around, whole conversations between a man and woman, bangs on the wall.

The first really crazy thing that happened to me there was when I was 15, my crazy cousin had moved in. She would just lock herself in my room and talk on the phone while my dad and I took care of her toddler.

I remember I'd be on the top bunk and she'd be on the bottom with her baby, if the little girl didnt go straight to sleep she would tell her "The monster under the bed is going to get you if you don't go to sleep".

Anyway, that lasted about a month. The day she left weird things started happening. There was a very weird feeling in the air.

Toys that she had left kept going off, things that we could dismiss. But then my dog Sadie started acting strange. She was planted in the middle of my room, crouched down looking under my bed growling and showing her teeth, nothing I could do would make her move.

She saw Something. I had even cleaned out from under my bed not long before that and there was not a darn thing to be seen.

When I would look under there I'd get chills. Finally after this went on for an hour I was tired and the excitement had worn off. I looked under the bed and said sternly " I have to go to bed and you have to GET OUT". Then it was just gone, that terrible nervous dark feeling.  


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