Somewhere Least Expected Part 1: Just Another Neighborhood Haunt

Somewhere Least Expected Part 1: Just Another Neighborhood Haunt

Part One: Just another neighborhood haunt

When we hear of a haunted place, we imagine the place to be a old dwelling with a gruesome past. Perhaps there was a murder that had taken place or maybe the dwelling was built on a ancient burial ground that was long forgotten. At least this is what I think of when I hear that a place is haunted.

A few years back my employer decided to rent a building in town. The building was the home of various owners before. It was a parts store for the longest time.

Later, it was taken over by new ownership for a religious convent. It didn't last too long and the building was bought by a wealthy local town family who rent out buildings.

This really isn't a way a typical story of a haunting starts out, however, I was just as surprised as you may be.

After my employer moved in they asked if I would be interested in renting the top floor. I figured what the hell. No driving time, just wake up and walk downstairs and I am at work.

You cannot beat that right? I signed the lease and moved into the top floor. At first things were calm. I was very excited to have a very nice place and happy how close it was to work. Things started to take a turn soon after. 

In the evenings, I would start hearing sounds of people walking downstairs. I didn't really think much of it because the business was downstairs.

Things started to progress rather quickly. I would hear loud slams downstairs. I would walk down and there would be no one there. I would go back upstairs and again I would start hearing the sounds of people walking around and things being slammed around.

Every time this occurred, I would walk down to see if there was someone down there. Over and over there would never be anyone down there.

Thing intensified at night as the slamming would be much louder. I could hear as if someone was walking just outside my door. I didn't sleep much of the night.

My parents came to visit me to see how things were going. As they were sitting on the couch the sound of a door knob turning was heard. My dad asked if there was someone here. I told him no and explained to him what had been going on.

He didn't believe me, assuming it was just not being use to living in a new place. He opened the door that leads downstairs and started screaming crazy things taunting whatever was in this place.

We all laughed. After a few hours they left and I started cleaning. I was kind of shocked how calm everything had been… well at least till now.

Around nine in the afternoon I went to my bedroom to turn in, I had not been sleeping well and wanted to try to catch up on some sleep. I am not sure how long I had been laying there I was suddenly woken up by the loudest pounding noises I had ever heard.

I just tried to ignore them however it just kept getting worse and worse. The doors downstairs sounded as if someone we pounding on them. I didn't get jump until I heard the sound of a door being busted open.

I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what the hell was going on. Again nothing was there, nothing looked to have been moved, just silence when I was down there.

After a few minutes I started hearing noises coming from above me. I started getting really creeped out at this point. I went back upstairs to see if anything had been moved. Again nothing… everything was where I had remembered. When upstairs I could hear movement downstairs. At this point I said the hell with it and went downstairs to work on projects for work.

I told the manager of the company about it and he had a great time with it. He would mess with me every day. I would come down to work and the manger would ask me if I was downstairs making coffee.

I didn't expect him to take me seriously. He could see something was bothering me and noticed that I looked like I had not slept for days. He decided to get a office security systems to put my mind at rest.

The security system they went with was a motion detection system. I thought that this would be the best way to know if there really was something going on downstairs.

Things calmed down for a while and I began to get more sleep. It was as if whatever was in the building was being cautious of the new alarm system. A few weeks after, on a Saturday, I was being really lazy and sleeping in my bed in the early afternoon.

I was suddenly woken from my sleep from the sound of scratching in the wall. It sounded like someone running cables inside the wall. I thought to myself what the hell are they, the owners of the business, doing now?

I went downstairs to see what was going on. A chirp from the alarm sounded that surprised the hell out of me. I turned the system off and went outside.

I went around the side of the building to see if anyone were doing on work or there was a tree brushing against the building. I mean at this point I was looking for ANYTHING.

Unfortunately I could not find any reason for what I had heard. I set the alarm and went back upstairs to go back to bed. Laying there with my eyes open was thinking about various things going on.

Out of nowhere I heard the same sound again only this time it sounded like it was right in my closet. I ended up leaving the house for the rest of the day.


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